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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Microsoft silverlight 5.0 features for developers

Recently on Silverlight 5.0 firestarter event ScottGu has announced road map for Silverlight 5.0. There will be lots of features that will be there in silverlight 5.0 but here are few glimpses of Silverlight 5.0 Features.

Improved Data binding support and Better support for MVVM:

One of the greatest strength of Silverlight is its data binding. Microsoft is going to enhanced data binding by providing more ability to debug it. Developer will able to debug the binding expression and other stuff in Siverlight 5.0. Its also going to provide Ancestor Relative source binding which will allow property to bind with container control. MVVM pattern support will also be enhanced.

Performance and Speed Enhancement:

Now silverlight 5.0 will have support for 64bit browser support. So now you can use that silverlight application on 64 bit platform also. There is no need to take extra care for it.It will also have faster startup time and greater support for hardware acceleration. It will also provide end to end support for hard acceleration features of IE 9.

More support for Out Of Browser Application:

With Siverlight 4.0 Microsoft has announced new features called out of browser application and it has amazed lots of developer because now possibilities are unlimited with it. Now in silverlight 5.0 Out Of Browser application will have ability to Create Manage child windows just like windows forms or WPF Application. So you can fill power of desktop application with your out of browser application.

Testing Support with Visual Studio 2010:

Microsoft is going to add automated UI Testing support with Visual Studio 2010 with silverlight 5.0. So now we can test UI of Silverlight much faster.

Better Support for RIA Services:

RIA Services allows us to create N-tier application with silverlight via creating proxy classes on client and server both side. Now it will more features like complex type support, Custom type support for MVVM(Model View View Model) pattern.

WCF Enhancements:

There are lots of enhancement with WCF but key enhancement will WSTrust support.

Text and Printing Support:

Silverlight 5.0 will support vector base graphics. It will also support multicolumn text flow and linked text containers. It will full open type support,Postscript vector enhancement.

Improved Power Enhancement:

This will prevent screensaver from activating while you are watching videos on silverlight. Silverlight 5.0 is going add that smartness so it can determine while you are going to watch video and while you are not going watch videos.

Better support for graphics:

Silverlight 5.0 will provide in-depth support for 3D API. Now 3D rendering support is more enhancement in silverlight and 3D graphics can be rendered easily.

You can find more details on following links and also don’t forgot to view silverlight firestarter keynot video of scottgu.

Hope this will help you. Stay tuned!!!.

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Creating Hello World application with Silverlight 3.0 with Visual Studio 2010

Silvelight is latest buzz in Microsoft.NET Technologies. Silverlight enable us to create rich user interface for the web based application. Let create a simple application to understand how Silverlight application works.

We will start creating application with file menu –> New Project –>Silverlight application a dialog for silverlight application will open like following.

Hello Word application by silver light 3.0

Once you create a Silverlight application a new dialog will open to create a website which will host Silvelight application like following.


This website are used for hosting Silvelight application. Please note that Silverlight application can also run with simple html file also. After clicking on Ok it will create a simple project like following in solution explorer.

Solution Explorer,Silver Light 3.0,ASP.NET 4.0

Now let's Create a simple button and on clicking on that button will print “Hello World” on screen.With Silvelight used Microsoft new UI Language called XAML which used to define the object in the SilverLight.

Once we create a silvelight application which will create a MainPage.xaml and MainPage.xaml.cs file for the same. It will create by default XAML like following.

<UserControl x:Class="MySilverLight.MainPage"
d:DesignHeight="300" d:DesignWidth="400">

<Grid x:Name="LayoutRoot" Background="White">

Here grid will be act as container like as we are using content pane in our application. Which can host the another objects like button text and other objects. Now I am creating a simple hello world button via adding following xml between <Grid> and </Grid> tag.
<Button x:Name="HelloWorldButton" Content="Push to print Hello World on Screen " Height="25" Width="250"></Button> 

Here x:name is name of button and content is text that will display on button,width will specify width of button and height will specify height of button. It will create a simple button like following in the design layout of silverlight application as following.

SilverLight 3.0,

Now let add a text block object which will print the Hello world text on the screen after clicking button with following XAML.
<TextBlock x:Name="Mytextbox" Text="Print Text" Height="25" Margin="75,197,92,78"></TextBlock>
Which will create a text block just below the button like following. Here margin will define the margin from four side just like html. Text block will behave just like label in application

TextBlock, SilverLight Button, Silverlight 3.0

After that Let’s add a add a click event to button via modifying existing XAML like following .
<Button x:Name="HelloWorldButton" Content="Push to print Hello World on Screen " Height="25px" Width="250px" Click="HelloWorldButton_Click" ></Button> 
It will create a click handler for the button we have added after then we can add code to print Hello World!! to event handler we have just create like following.
private void HelloWorldButton_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
Mytextbox.Text = "Hello World!!!";
Now compile and run the application it will open a browser and once you click the button it will print a hello world!! text like following.

Silverlight in Browser,SilverLigh Helloworld

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Microsoft SilverLight 3.0 is out now-What’s new in Silverlight 3.0?

Microsoft Silvelight 2.0 has been great success for the Microsoft. There lots of rich user friendly animated application is designed with Microsoft Silvelight 2.0. Now with Microsoft has added some new features to Silverlight 3.0. It includes major media enhancement,allowing web applications to view on desktop, Graphic improvement for 3D Support, GPU Acceleration and H-264 Support etc. Following is new feature list for silvelight 3.0
  1. Live and on demand true HD Smooth streaming.
  2. More format Choice.
  3. True HD Playback.
  4. Extensible media format support
  5. Perceptive 3D Graphics
  6. Pixel shader effects.
  7. Bitmap Caching.
  8. Animation Effect.
  9. Enhance control skinning.
  10. Improve text rendering and font support.
  11. Search Engine Optimization
  12. Data Forms and Data Validation.
  13. Application library caching
  14. Binary Xml.
  15. Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator import support
  16. Fully compatible with visual studio 2010.
There are many more features. To know more about him please visit following link.
If you have any question then you can ask here in silverlight community.
You can get started with silvelight 3.0 with following. Its will be great help and tools available on following link.
Friday, February 15, 2008

Creating Web Services in a Class Library project

When you are developing a plug in or add in for a software some time you have a requirement for developing webservice hosting in DLL. I have found a great link which describes all the things.

here is the link..

Friday, August 31, 2007

What is Xaml? XAML-Overview

XAML means Extensible Markup Language is a language to write user interfaces in Windows Presentation Foundation applications. XAML simplifies the creating user interfaces with windows presentation foundation and .net framework 3.0. We can create visible user interface controls and component via XAML.

I have found a great article that articles describes whole aspects of XAML with starting from what is XAML? to next level of programming in .net framework 3.0 and windows presentation foundation.

here is the link for that:
Thursday, August 30, 2007

Component one studio enterprise of WPF

Windows presentation foundation is next generation technology launched by Microsoft. We can create great applications with wpf and technology.

Component one studio has launched studio enterprise tool set for the wpf. It contains the scheduler controls like calendar,multi month calendar and other controls like grid for wpf.

The Studio Enterprise WPF Toolset is a suite of next-generation Scheduling, Charting and Grid components developed specifically for the Windows Presentation Foundation platform. The Studio Enterprise WPF Toolset Beta launches by unveiling the world's first suite of Scheduling components for WPF including Schedule, Month Calendar, and Multi-month Calendar components.
Friday, August 24, 2007

Component one Silverlight enabled controls.

Component one people has launched their new suite of silverlight controls. It has great user intefaces and great functionlity. There are almost 28 controls in their silverlight suite.

ComponentOne Sapphire for Silverlight is the next-generation toolset that empowers you to deliver Rich Internet Applications (RIA).

ComponentOne is working in parallel with Microsoft to enhance the Silverlight platform. As Silverlight matures and improves, so will ComponentOne ‘Sapphire’. Both products will ship in the same time frame. Together, Silverlight and Sapphire will enable developers and designers to create RIA's and to ‘light up the Web’.

For more details please visit following link:

Breaking changes in Silverlight 1.0

Silverlight is day by day becoming more and more advance. I have found a great link that describes what's drastic changes in silverlight 1.0 then older versions like mix.

Mr. Joe Stegman's have point out this things in his blog. Here is the link for that blog.

Silverlight: A few thoughts on minimizing CPU usage

Silver light is a great technology introduced by microsoft. You can develope great application with silverlight and microsoft .net framework 3.0.

I have found a great link that will give us few thougths to use minimum CPU Resources.

here is the link:
Friday, August 3, 2007

Silverlight Streaming

Micorosft has launched a great technology plate form called 'Silver Light' (The name is taken from David Silverlight(Founder of It provides great user interfaces to the web based applications.

Silverlight Streaming is a new Windows Live Platform offering (currently in alpha) that provides scalability-on-demand for media-rich Silverlight applications. (You can find more information here)

I have found a great post that is written for silver light streaming.

here is the link for that post.
Monday, July 23, 2007

Silverlight resouces articles and links.

Microsoft Silverlight is one of the hottest technology that ever produce on web. It is a Microsoft answers to macro media flash and action script. You can develope rich web user interace and dashing site with the use of Microsoft silver light and

I have found a great link that contains lots of silverlight resources and tutorial links.
You can find almost all information and links about silver light from here.
Friday, July 13, 2007

SilverLight Video Links


Acropolis Videos


New Version of Microsoft Acropolis it out

The Microsoft code name “Acropolis” Community Technology Preview is a set of components and tools that make it easier for developers to build and manage modular, business focused, client .NET applications. Acropolis is part of the “.NET Client Futures” wave of releases, our preview of upcoming technologies for Windows client development.

Microsoft Announces new version ctp of Microsoft acropolis. For more details and download
ctp of Microsoft Acropolis please visit following link:
Thursday, July 12, 2007

Introducing Windows Presentation Foundation

The primary goal of Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) is to help developers create attractive and effective user interfaces. Learn how the WPF unified platform helps make designers active participants in creating user interfaces, and provides a common programming model for standalone and browser applications

I have found a cool link from msdn that will describe all the things for Windows presentation foundation.

The articles contains:
Describing Windows Presentation Foundation
Illustrating the Problem
Addressing the Problem: What Windows Presentation Foundation ProvidesUsing Windows Presentation Foundation
The Technology of Windows Presentation Foundation
Applying Windows Presentation Foundation Tools for Windows Presentation Foundation
For Developers: Visual Studio
For Designers: Expression Interactive DesignerWindows Presentation Foundation and Other Microsoft Technologies
Windows Presentation Foundation and Windows Forms
Windows Presentation Foundation and Win32/MFC
Windows Presentation Foundation and Direct3D
Windows Presentation Foundation and AJAX/"Atlas"
Windows Presentation Foundation and "WPF/E"Conclusion

here is link for that whole article...

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