Friday, August 31, 2007

What is Xaml? XAML-Overview

XAML means Extensible Markup Language is a language to write user interfaces in Windows Presentation Foundation applications. XAML simplifies the creating user interfaces with windows presentation foundation and .net framework 3.0. We can create visible user interface controls and component via XAML.

I have found a great article that articles describes whole aspects of XAML with starting from what is XAML? to next level of programming in .net framework 3.0 and windows presentation foundation.

here is the link for that:

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  1. hi
    I'm alen and i'm studding IT,recently i have taken a project base on the WPf and i need someone who can tell me how i can do this project .
    i need only someone to tell me what should i do and what languages should i use through this project . here is the project about :

    The Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) is a subset of the .Net Framework 3.0. Students are expected to create a Xmal Browser Application (XBap) Digital Media Library which can store and search for digital media , organise and playback digital media (graphics, audio, video, and 3D objects). Students are expected to make full use of the WPF to create an application which demonstrates a richer user experience as compared to current Internet based applications.

    anyone can help me plz send me email at
    [email protected] or [email protected]

    i'll appreciate those who can help me
    i also want to tell that i dont mean that i need someone to do my project i only need some one to tell me what should i do .



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