Saturday, June 21, 2014

Entity framework code first and inheritance- Table Per Type

Also see part-2 of this blog post- Entity Framework code first and Inheritance–Table per hierarchy
Recently I am using Entity Framework a lot. So I tried some of advance scenario and this post related to it only. In this post we will learn how entity framework handles inheritance.

In object oriented world, We all use Inheritance for reusability. We create some base classes and inherit those in child classes to facilitate code reuse and we don’t have to write again and again. In this post we will also have same kind of methodology. We are going to create a “Person” class and inherit this in to Employee and Customer class and we are going to see how entity framework code first handles this kind of inheritance by default. I’m going to use entity framework version 6.0 and Visual Studio 2013.

So what we are waiting for. Let’s get started. So create a console application from file menu new project.


Once you are done with creating a application. It’s time to add entity framework via nuget package.



Visual Studio 14 CTP virtual machine on Azure

Recently Microsoft has release a CTP version of Visual Studio 14 with ASP.NET VNext application. So I thought I will download and try it. But due to bad internet connection it was not downloading properly. Then I cam across following post about Visual Studio 14 CTP Virtual Machine on Azure.

So I thought it’s a good idea to spin a virtual machine instead of downloading and installing that which would cost me a day. While on Azure I can set that virtual machine in minutes.

So Following are steps for creating a virtual machine in Azure.

How to Create a Virtual Machine on Microsoft Azure with Visual Studio 14 CTP:

1) Login into your Microsoft Azure Account

2) From dashboard goto virtual machine and select Create Virtual Machine.

Create Virtual Machine

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

One ASP.NET in Visual studio 2013

This post is part of Visual Studio 2013 features series.
Since first release of ASP.NETMVC 2009, There are lots of type of projects are available for ASP.NET and It’s always been confusion to find all the projects under one hood. So now developer has not to worry about whether I should use Web Forms or ASP.NET MVC and If I need some functionalities of ASP.NET MVC in web forms or anything then how it will work? How we should combine all those different project types?

Now that fuss for developer is over. With Visual Studio 2013 Microsoft has vision called One ASP.NET so when you create a web project there will be a single project in Web Category only.

one visual studio 2013

Friday, June 6, 2014

Video Review: Restful Services with ASP.NET Web API by Packt Publishing

If you enjoy seeing videos to learn thing this is the opportunity, Now  Packt publishing is also started providing video courses and tutorial. I’m lucky enough to get an opportunity to review this video and thanks again Sagar Malage and Packt publishing marketing team to providing me opportunity to review this video.

About Video Course:

Course Name : Restful services  with ASP.NET Web API by Packt Publishing.
Total Duration: 2 hours and 4 minutes.
Release Date: Wednesday February 26,2014.
Author: Fanie Reynders


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