Wednesday, February 28, 2007

ASP.NET Ajax Videos

Ajax is one of most hot and upcoming technologies for web developement plateform. Microsoft has launched its ajax development kit . With it you can easily create ajax enabled application with . With help it takes few mintues to convert existing application to ajax enabled application.

Microsoft also lauched some tutorial and video with it's How do I ajax video series. It is 25 video which cover all aspects of ajax development.

Any one can download it with following links.

C#-VB.NET name spaces

I have found one interesting things name spaces. Name space help us to organize our code in better way.

You should create name space as following.


Performance Tuning on SQL Server

Performance is one of most important factor at the time of the application developement. If your application or website is not responding fast to user queries then it's accepted by the users.

Here are the some tips to make fast retrival of data from sql server.

1) Create Index- Indexes are great way to improve your performance. It uniquely indetifys the each row in table.

2) Avoid Cursor- Cursors are time consuming so avoid cursors as much as you can do more work with queries.

3) Avoid Joins- Joins are also time consuming so avoid it.

4) Create Primary and Foreign keys in tables

5) Be sure your tables must have atleast one column that uniquely indetifys each rows
Saturday, February 24, 2007

SQL Server Index

Some Times we want to retrive data fastly without wasting time to retrive it. SQL Server Indexes can greatly help to make data retrival fast and provide quick access to tables.
Therer are four type of indexes in SQL Server 2000/2005.
1) Unique Key Index
2) Clustered Index
3) Non Clustered Index
4) Compsite Key Index
Unique Key Index:
As the name suggest this index does not allow duplicate values in rows. So it checks whether the data is unique or it Other wise it will give a error.
Clustered Index:
Clustered Index dictates the physical storage order of the data in the table. A table can have only one clustered index.
Non Clustered Index:
A non clustered index is a seperate index structure indepedent of the physical storage order of data. Sql Server 2000 alllowed 249 indexes per table.
Compsite Key Index:
As the name suggest in the composite key index two or more columns of tables to make a single unit. Sql Server 2000 allow 16 indexes per table.


Creating ASP.NET 2.0 Website with Web 2.0 Standards

Web 2.0 is used mostly today because it provides great compatibility with most of the browsers.
So that a website can reach maximum audience. That's why the web 2.0 used the div tags rather then the other html standards.

An ASP.NET site also can be build by this standards. Stephen Walther has written great article at msdn with all the knowledge required to build ASP.NET Sites with web 2.0. Here is the link of that article.
Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Directly Binding Dataset with Datagrid View

With windows forms 2.0 you can directly bound the datagrid with dataset.

For example,

your dataset name is 'dt'

First fill your dataset with data.

Then select datagridview and create the columns and in the datamember property of each give the name of column you want to bind.

just write the following code.

For example you datagrid code is dg


That's it you have bound the datagrid with dataset
Thursday, February 15, 2007

Capabilities Microsoft SQL Server,Microsoft ACCESS, MSDE

I have found a very good site with provide the comparison of Microsoft sql server, Microsoft and mdse capabilities on the basis of following.
  1. Number of instances per server
  2. Number of databases per instance / server
  3. Number of objects per database
  4. Number of users per database
  5. Number of roles per database
  6. Overall size of database (excluding logs)
  7. Number of columns per table
  8. Number of rows per table
  9. Number of bytes per row
  10. Number of columns per query
  11. Number of tables per query Size of procedure / query
  12. Number of input params per procedure / query
  13. Size of SQL statement / batch Depth of sub query nesting
  14. Number of indexes per table
  15. Number of columns per index
  16. Number of characters per object name
  17. Number of concurrent user connections

here is the link for that site:

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

SQL Server 2005 Reporting Service.

There are lots tool available to develop reports. It has it's own advantage and disadvantage. One of most popular reporting tool is crystal report also has some limitation.

Microsoft has introduced a new way to develop the reports directly from sql server....SQL Reporting Service. It was there in sql server 2000 days but we have to add it as external service. Now with SQL Serve r2005 it is there with the sql server 2005 itself.

It supports all the features such as cross tab,sub reports etc...

SQL Server 2005 Express Edition User Instances.

Sql Server Express edition is a small version of a sql server 2005 and that provides data storage capability up to 4 gb. It is easily ships with the each application so many users are using this version of sql server instead Microsoft access as a database for windows base application.
One of the problem using sql server instances is whenever you compile it will overwrite the existing database.

For Example, if you perform a insert operations from application and add new row to the database then again after compile the application. It will over right that database with older

I have found a simple solutions to get rid of this problem. In solution browse to the database and select the database (.mdf files) then go to the property window. There is a property called 'Copy to output' select property and select 'Do not copy'.

Now when you compile the application it will not copy your older database to the bin directory.

Display group header in every page of Crystal Report.NET

We have often used the crystal report as a reporting tool to create various reports.
We some time need our group header to display in each and every page. In crystal
reports right click crystal report-> select group expert and then select the group
you want to display in each page. and goto the options and check the the
checkbox >Repeat group header in each page.

That's it.. Your group header will display on the top of each page.
Saturday, February 10, 2007

Display multiple columns in the Crystal Report.NET

While generating reports we are offten need to display data in multiple columns in cyrstal reports or any other report generation tool.

Crystal Report provides very easy way to do it. Please follow the following steps to complete things.

1) Open crystal report
2) Go to the section exprert and then select details section
3) Select 'Format with multiple columns' checkbox.
4) A layout tab appears in the section expert. From where you can design layout that how the multiple columns display in the crystal report.

That's it... You have created reports with multiple columns. You can also format crystal report groups with it.

Happy Programming.
Thursday, February 1, 2007

Developing n-tier application with Microsoft.NET

There are lots of debates and information about developing n-tier application using Microsoft .net framework. Every one has its own mechanism. I found a interesting article at Microsoft site. It is very good and with the source code.

Here are the link for that article:

It explains every aspects of developing n-tier application with Microsoft .net framework.

Happy Programming

Microsoft Application Block for .NET

It's dream of every developer to create a robust,efficient and fast solution for his client and Microsoft application blocks help greatly to develop a efficient,robust and n-tier applications.
Like every developer we want our solutions robust,efficient,cost effective and elegant. But as we all know sometimes it is not easy to achieve this goals. Microsoft application block help you achieve this goals in the great way.

Microsoft Pattern and Practices:

Since the late 90s there has been an increased awareness within Microsoft that its customers require guidance in using the quickly growing array of technology emanating from Redmond. Among the first efforts were a series of Prescriptive Architecture Guides (PAGs) that detailed how to use Microsoft technology to create an Internet data center (IDC) and enterprise data center (EDC). From that things micro soft has started a new group called Microsoft patterns and practices. This group help to achieve goals in best ways.

This group has build some libraries for plate form called Microsoft application blocks to deliver highly efficient,robust solutions.

Typically, each application block includes the complete source code for the subsystem in both C# and VB, and sample applications called Quick Starts to get you started.

Following application blocks are created.

1) Data Access Application Blocks.
2) Exception Management Application Blocks.
3) Cryptography application blocks
4) Caching application blocks
5) Logging application blocks
6) Security application blocks.

All that application blocks are freely available for download. User can download and install it.

Following are the links for both versions 1.1 and 2.0 of Microsoft .NET Framework

Link for 1.1 Version:

Link for 2.0 Version:

Happy Programming

Ajax Realted Keyworkd for Search Engine Optimization

Following are the some Ajax related keywords for search engine optimization.

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ASP.NET Case Studies

Today, ASP.NET is one of the most popular plate form for developing web application and Ajax enabled web sites and web application. ASP.NET Case Studies by Microsoft is mirror of the relevant world. You can find what the world are doing with and you can learn from their experiences.

Here is the link ASP.NET Case Studies.

Previous week startdate and enddate in SQL Server 2005,SQL Server 2000

s have found the way to get start date and end date of previous week with the help of the date part function of SQL Server 2005. It also work on sql server 2000 also.

Following are the code for finding start date and end date of previous week.

Set @STimeStamp=GETDATE()
set @PStartDate=@STimeStamp-DATEPART(dw,@STimeStamp)-6
set @PEndDate=@STimeStamp-DATEPART(dw,@STimeStamp

Happy Programming

Crystal Report Field Color

In the crystal report You can also set the color of database field the dynamically. For that you
have to right click the field and select the format object then go to the font and color tab. Click the formula icon opposite to color and a formula editor opens. Put your formula whatever you want to implement and you set your color based on this formula.

Happy Programming..

ASP.NET Starter Kit For Visual Web Developer

The visual web developer starts kits are best way to start professional web programming. I have gone through several starter kits it's amazing.

The ASP.NET 2.0 Starter Kits for Visual Web Developer are fully functional sample applications to help you learn ASP.NET 2.0 and accomplish common Web development scenarios. Each sample is complete an dwell-documented so that you can use the code to kick start your Web projects today!
Any one can download this starter kits from the following link

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