Friday, August 31, 2007

What is Xaml? XAML-Overview

XAML means Extensible Markup Language is a language to write user interfaces in Windows Presentation Foundation applications. XAML simplifies the creating user interfaces with windows presentation foundation and .net framework 3.0. We can create visible user interface controls and component via XAML.

I have found a great article that articles describes whole aspects of XAML with starting from what is XAML? to next level of programming in .net framework 3.0 and windows presentation foundation.

here is the link for that:

ADO.NET Entity Framework Beta 2 & the 1st Entity Framework Tools CTP Released

Microsoft has recently release ADO.NET Entity Framework Beta 2 and the accompanying Entity Framework Tools CTP have been released!

Following are the added features of latest release:

-Events to customize code generation
-Abstract types in EDM models
-Complex types
- support in metadata files
-Entity key serialization
-Increased persistence ignorance in entity data classes
-Improved connection management in ObjectContext
-Improved DataBinding usability
-Metadata annotations
-Better support for span over LINQ to Entities queries
-Improvements to LINQ queries: additional canonical functions and automatic mapping from CLR functions to server functions
-A new event for extensibility of SaveChanges
-Usability and consistency improvements
-Polymorphic results from stored procedures

You can download it form here:

For more details visit following team blog post:

Another link related to ADO.NET Entity framework is following:

To know what is entity framework. Please visit following link:

Thursday, August 30, 2007

ASP.NET White Papers

In new version of Microsoft site Microsoft has launched the white papers which will help us to install and configure in our computers.

It contains white papers with following different categories..

ASP.NET Security White papers

Forms Authentication

User Input Data Validation

Code Access Security

Communications Security


Installation and Setup White papers


SQL Server Whitepapers

General Whitepapers

On this page you will find whitepapers to help you install and configure ASP.NET, and to assist you to write secure, fast and flexible ASP.NET applications

here is the link for whitepaper page:


Component one studio enterprise of WPF

Windows presentation foundation is next generation technology launched by Microsoft. We can create great applications with wpf and technology.

Component one studio has launched studio enterprise tool set for the wpf. It contains the scheduler controls like calendar,multi month calendar and other controls like grid for wpf.

The Studio Enterprise WPF Toolset is a suite of next-generation Scheduling, Charting and Grid components developed specifically for the Windows Presentation Foundation platform. The Studio Enterprise WPF Toolset Beta launches by unveiling the world's first suite of Scheduling components for WPF including Schedule, Month Calendar, and Multi-month Calendar components.

New design of my blog.

From last couple of days i am trying to change my blog design. I search a lot and then i got the template from I am thankful to guys from template panic team who have created blog templates for user like me.

I have done few experiments with my blogs. I have change my blog name to "Dotnetworld"

because this is blog around the and it's related technology. Also I have put the a category navigation bar at the top which will directly redirect to the post related to that category. It will look like following.

I am also planning to put a addto dig button with each post and a complete "Add To"bar at bottom of each post.

At present my blog looks like following.

Please put your valuable comments how you like the blog. Suggestions are also welcome. I am here for my valuable readers and i want to provide valuable content to my readers.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Collection of WCF (Indigo) links and material

One of my blogging frined Nilang Shah has post our WCF links materials on his blog.

It is a very good collection of WCF. You will have almost all things related to here.

here is the link:
Friday, August 24, 2007

Component one Silverlight enabled controls.

Component one people has launched their new suite of silverlight controls. It has great user intefaces and great functionlity. There are almost 28 controls in their silverlight suite.

ComponentOne Sapphire for Silverlight is the next-generation toolset that empowers you to deliver Rich Internet Applications (RIA).

ComponentOne is working in parallel with Microsoft to enhance the Silverlight platform. As Silverlight matures and improves, so will ComponentOne ‘Sapphire’. Both products will ship in the same time frame. Together, Silverlight and Sapphire will enable developers and designers to create RIA's and to ‘light up the Web’.

For more details please visit following link:

Breaking changes in Silverlight 1.0

Silverlight is day by day becoming more and more advance. I have found a great link that describes what's drastic changes in silverlight 1.0 then older versions like mix.

Mr. Joe Stegman's have point out this things in his blog. Here is the link for that blog.

Silverlight: A few thoughts on minimizing CPU usage

Silver light is a great technology introduced by microsoft. You can develope great application with silverlight and microsoft .net framework 3.0.

I have found a great link that will give us few thougths to use minimum CPU Resources.

here is the link:

Google Gears BETA

Gears (BETA) is an open source browser extension that enables web applications to provide offline functionality using the following JavaScript APIs:

Store and serve application resources locally
Store data locally in a fully-searchable relational database
Run asynchronous Javascript to improve application responsiveness

For more details visit following link:

.NET Framework 3.0 Virtual Lab

Microsoft .NET 3.0 framework contain great features. Now we can test out via virtual labs. Microsoft have now announced the virtual lab for .net framework.

Ever wanted to test software in a sandbox environment? Wouldn't it be great to be able to test the new Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 technologies immediately, without dedicating one or more computers to the project? Now you can, with Microsoft Virtual Labs.

It's simple - no complex setup or installation is required to try out new features running in the Virtual Lab. You get a downloadable manual and a 90-minute block of time for each module. You can sign up for additional 90-minute blocks anytime. As part of the Virtual Lab, you'll have full access to Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 through the following modules:

Workflow Enabled Services and Other New Features in the .NET Framework 3.5
A Server Scenario Lab with Windows Communication Foundation
A Server Scenario Lab with Windows Workflow Foundation
Building Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation Applications Using Microsoft Visual Basic .NET
Creating Rich 2D and 3D Content with Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation
Getting Started with Windows Workflow Foundation
Reliable and Transacted Messaging with the Windows Communication Foundation
Core Features of Windows CardSpace
The Fundamentals of Programming the Windows Communication Foundation

For more details visit following link:
Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Displaying Gentle Error Messages with ASP.NET

Whenever any error occurs in ASP.NET it will give default screen which is quite messy and dirty. So how we can show error messages of our own. I found a great article that explained the way to display our message.

here is the link:

BlogEngine.NET in

BlogEngine.NET is a full-featured blogging platform that is a breeze to set up, customize, and use. BlogEngine.NET works with your choice of data source; you may use SQL Server, or you may take the plug’n’play approach using XML files.

here is the link for more details:

Question to Interviewers

Whenever we go for interview, after giving interview interviewer will explain you about their company. Here we are not prepare what type of question we need to ask about their company.

I found a great link that explain about all this stuff. It gives a complete list of quesion that should be ask to interviewer.

here is the link for this tutorial...

Great Tutorial Link

I have found a very great tutorial link for web developers which contains following tutorials.

It contains tutorials on following topics:

2) JavaScript/JScript
3) ASP.NET 2.0
4) ASP.NET 1.1
5) PHP 5.0
7) XML

These tutorials are designed to support college-level classes in Web development, but they can provide introductions to these topics for anyone interested. All are works in progress and are being expanded as time permits. They run under Microsoft Server 2003 and .NET Framework 2.0, and have been tested using Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 under Windows XP.

here is the link:
Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Layout performance Windows application.

Layout and User interface is one of the most important things in the windows development. With great user interfaces and layout you increase performance of windows application.

I have found great link that describes the layout related problems. Here is the link.

Format data in a bound DataGrid in ASP.NET

We Often need to format data in data grid. For example we have date time column then we need to to specific format like "dd/MM/yyyy".

We can do this with dataformatstring property of a column. here we can write.
different format.

I have found a great link that contains all the format which data grid supports.

here is the link for that article..

Expression builder in ASP.NET 2.0

ASP.NET introduced new declarative expression syntax which allows you to substitute values into page at run time called Expression builders.

There are five type of expression builder in

I have found a great article that describes the this expression builder in details.

here is the link..

How to route events in a Windows Forms application

As a developer we often need to develop user controls in forms for the reusability. But some time we need to handle event of the user control. For example if you have user control with button we need to handle button click event in windows forms.

We can develop this type of functionality with the delegates. I have found a great articles that describes this things in very deep.

here is the link for that article...

Great Developer Resources.

As a web developer we all face the some problems related to web development, because web development far different then the windows development. I have found great link which will contain 99 problem that a web developer can face. It also contains great links to solve the problems.

here is the link for that article..

Fast Facts About Microsoft

I have found great link about Microsoft which includes useful information about Microsoft.

Corporate Address
Important Dates about Microsoft dates
Board of Directors
Microsoft's Businesses
Operation Centers
Microsoft Subsidiaries
Revenue and Headcount
Employment Information
Real Estate Portfolio

here is the link:

Validation Application Block: Microsoft Enterprise Library 3.1

Recently Microsoft has launched the new version of the Microsoft Enterprise Library 3.1. One of the new things in this version of the enterprise library is validation application block.

The Validation Application Block will include a comprehensive library of common validation rules that apply to primitive data types. For example, we'll include rules like string length, numeric range, date range, regular expressions and so on.

I have found a great blog post the describes validation block here is the link for validation block:
Monday, August 20, 2007

What is AJAX?

Web application are getting popular in all over the world. Most of the desktop applications are transforming in web base application and with the new technology like Ajax we can build the great user interfaces just like the desktop application.

Ajax is one of hottest technology in today's world . I have found great articles on Ajax. which describes every aspect of Ajax starting from whats is Ajax ?

here is the link for that articles:
Monday, August 6, 2007

.NET Framework and architecture

Microsoft .Net framework is component that is used to build web based and windows based application. As a developer, We all know how to build application using .net framework but we don't know underlying architecture of the .net framework.

I have found great article on wikipedia that describes all the underlying architecture. of the .net framework

here is the link:
Friday, August 3, 2007

SQL Server interview Questions

SQL Server is defacto database standard microsoft .net plateforms. Whenever you go as a .net developer. You have to get knowledge of the sql server.

I have found a very good link of sql server interview quesiton. Which will help you to prepare for interview.

here is the link :

Silverlight Streaming

Micorosft has launched a great technology plate form called 'Silver Light' (The name is taken from David Silverlight(Founder of It provides great user interfaces to the web based applications.

Silverlight Streaming is a new Windows Live Platform offering (currently in alpha) that provides scalability-on-demand for media-rich Silverlight applications. (You can find more information here)

I have found a great post that is written for silver light streaming.

here is the link for that post.

Inernal Coding Standards by Brad Abrams

Brad Abrams is a founding member of Common Language run time and .net framework teams at Microsoft. He is one of the key member in .NET Framework Design and Development. He has written a blog post for coding standards which help us to improve our codding style and code readability. It is need by almost every developer.

Here is the link that contains the that blog post:

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