Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Internet Explorer 11 developer toolbar features

Recently Microsoft has launched new developer tool bar with Internet Explorer 11 with some cool features. In this post we are going to learn about the new features of Internet Explorer Developer toolbar. Microsoft has rewritten whole toolbar and now it loaded with bunch of features.

DOM Explorer:

When you launch Internet Explorer Developer toolbar with F12 by default it will load DOM Explorer and this will have all html and style sheet. You can select any element and modify or change style sheet of live site.


You modify the existing HTML on left side of pane and you add/modify the style sheet of selected element on the right side of the pane. There is also find functionality given to find any specific element.

It also provides intellisense for modifying and changing HTML and style sheet.


Console tool:

Second one on left side is console tool where you can have whole history running JavaScript with console.log statement


Here it will show whole errors and exception related to client side code executed for this page.

Debugger tool:

This tool is used for the debugging the your client side code when application running and you can easily debug your code with the help of this tool.

Here you can set your breakpoints just like in your IDE and easily debug loop or any client code.You can also debug the compressed JavaScript here. It’s a great way to debug and find errors.


Network tool:

Network tool is used for the performance measurement for a web page. It will give you a details of any request network involved in your web page loading. It will tell request completion time in mili seconds. Here you can also find amount data and bandwidth being transferred when your web page loads.


The UI Responsiveness tool:

Next is UI responsiveness tool where you can find if your web page is running slow then what happened which part is consumed more CPU .It will help you identify different source CPU utilization which causes your web page to load slowly in browser.

With help of this tool you can optimize your web pages performance via changing part/code which causes more CPU Utilization.

Profiler tool:

Profiler tool is used for measuring JavaScript performance. It will show you number of function called during profiling session. From here you can isolate JavaScript which makes your web page slow.


Memory tool:

With the help of this Memory tool you can easily find the memory leak issues of your web page. The memory tool track memory usage of web page and help you identify where more memory is consumed and where memory leak is happening.


Here is also allows you to take heap snapshot at regular interval and then can analyse via clicking on it.


With the help of this you can easily identify memory leaks in your code.

Emulation tool:

The emulation tools help you testing your web page on different screen size and hardware's. You can easily emulate different screen size and emulations.


That’s it. All this awesome features which is provided by developer tool for internet explorer 11. It will definitely going to make your life very easy. Highly recommend this.

Stay tuned for more.. 

Saturday, February 22, 2014

CodeMaid extension for visual studio

Till now I'm a resharper fan boy and I still love using it. It is a great productivity tool. But it is not free for commercial use. So lots of my friends tell me that they want something open source or free which provide some kind of productivity over normal visual studio things and recently I came across CodeMaid extension of visual studio. It is a great plugin. It's not replacement of resharper but it will surely increase your productivity and make your code clean.

What is CodeMaid?

CodeMaid is an open source Visual Studio extension to cleanup, dig through and simplify our C#, C++, F#, VB, XAML, XML, ASP, HTML, CSS, LESS, JavaScript and TypeScript coding.

You can download that from following link.

It also got  a separate site for that from where you can see and learn all the features. Following is a link for that.

 Here you can find latest news, feature list and documentation for code maid.

Installing CodeMaid

Installing CodeMaid is really easy download .vsix file from the above link and then double click on that. It will automatically start installing it.. It will ask for list of Visual Studio available like following.


Once you click on install it will install CodeMaid plugin in Visual Studio.

Features of CodeMaid Extension of Visual Studio:

There are lots of features available with CodeMaid Extension of Visual Studio.

Code Cleaning:

This feature will automatically run on save. It will do following things.
  1. Removed unused using statement and sort them
  2. Add unspecified access modifier.
  3. Add Blank line padding.
  4. Remove blank lines adjacent to braces.
  5. Run Visual Studio formatting
  6. Remove Constructive blank lines.
  7. Remove End of Line white spaces.
  8. Update region tags.
You find more about this at -

Code Digging:

Once you install CodeMaid it will add a CodeMaid spade where you can navigate and digg code. Here you can alphabetically sort everything drag and drop members etc.


There are tons of features available like Joining, Formatting, Collapsing, Configuring, Switching etc. You can find that for the following feature documentation list.

I have used it for few days and highly recommend it it saves lot of time. Hope you like it. Stay tuned for more.
Thursday, February 20, 2014

PetaPoco series–DotNetJalps

Recently one of the friend ask to create list of post that I have written about PetaPoco this post is a complete list of all my PetaPoco related post.

What is PetaPoco?

PetaPoco is a Microsoft ORM developed by Top Ten Software. It was inpired by Massive and Dapper Micro ORM. Following is a link where you can get all information about PetaPoco.

PetaPoco related blog posts on DotNetJalps:

Following is a complete list of PetaPoco posts that I have written on my blog. I will keep updating this list also for future posts about PetaPoco.

Get started with ASP.NET MVC and PetaPoco
PetaPoco with stored procedures
PetaPoco with parameterised stored procedure and Asp.Net MVC
CRUD operations with PetaPoco and ASP.NET MVC

Hope you like it. Stay tuned for more.
Sunday, February 9, 2014

Getting things done by Evernote

We all want to get our things done and be more productive. I know that nobody will have 100% satisfaction about being productive.All We want is to achieve our goals and be successful in our life. This post is all about this. How you can do achieve your goals without stress. In this post we are going to learn what is getting things done and how we are going to achieve with Evernote a great note taking software.

What is Getting things done:

Getting things done- is a time management methods where you can dump all your tasks and projects into some inbox physical or software and remove that from out of mind and backing them via actionable items.

This method is written in Book By David Allen’s called Getting things done- The art of stress free productivity. If you still haven’t read this book then you are missing something. I highly recommend this book to read at least once. Because this will change the way you look at your goals and you will be productive.

Getting things done comprises of following things.

Collection:  This phase comprises of collecting all the information around you. This phase is one of the most important part because here you are doing dump all the information that are there in your mind. Here you need to collect every information that are there and either you need to do some action against it or you want to do it in future and you want to use for future reference.

Processing: Once you collect all the information in this phase you are going separate things that you are doing to do like your to-do list, project etc. Other information that are there you can either going to use as reference or you can delete it or defer it.

Organizing: This phase is result of the processing phase you are going to separate things and organize things in system that you trust. Either its your physical inbox or any software that you trust.

Doing: This means tasks or project that you can do right now. You only need to concentrate when you do things.

Reviewing: Examining the results of work. Based on your review you need to change strategy. You need to do that review at least once a week.

Here is the some link for reference.

Why Evernote:

I have choose Evernote due to following reason.
  1. Its almost free. You can do lots of stuff with free account and If you need more items then you can have premium account with very  cheap rate. You don’t need to buy a licence for that.
  2. You can use Evernote on any platform Web, Windows, Mac, tablet mobile devices etc..
  3. Customized tagging. You can create tags in the way you want.
  4. Data collection- creating notes and searching notes is very easy.

Getting things done by Evernote:

So what we are waiting for let’s start. First thing you need to is to create a account for Evernote. For that you need to go Enter your email address and create an account.


Once you are done with creating account you will be presented a very nice UI itselft on web.


There are desktop version is also available You can use desktop versions also. I used to work with desktop version on windows. Here is the link for downloading desktop version.

Once you download and install it you are are ready to use Evernote.


Now its time to create tags for getting things done. You can create via right click on tags and create new tags.


I have created following tags.

@Inbox, @reference, @Somday/May be, @Today, @waitingfor,@Done


@Inbox- This is the default tag where all my notes go by default. Where I collect the information from my mind. With the Evernote I can collect information via mobile, tablet and desktop any where anything. After collecting all the information in processing phase I am going to separate all things notes into for below tags/categories.

@Reference – This tag is used for notes which is only reference I am never going to do any action on this notes. For example I was reading one blog I found that thing very useful for the project I am working. So I will put the that link of blog as reference.

@Someday/May be- This tag is used for the notes which I might do when I will get spare time or Notes which I need to take action on specific date then I will also sent reminder for that date.

@Today- This tag is for actionable notes that I am going to do today itself. This is most important notes that you need to take action whether answering a email to answering a call or attend a meeting etc.

@Waiting for – This tag is for notes that I need to wait for something for example to Complete a task I need to wait for my network team to build a server. This kind of notes will go under this tags. I will set a reminder also for this notes when I need to ask network team whether its ready or not.

@Done- This tag is for notes which I performed action. I move notes that I completed into done category/tag. So that every week I can review things how things are going where I can improve that.

So, This how I organize my information. Creating notes and tagging notes is very easy. Click on crate a new note and It will present a editor like below.


 Writing note description
Tagging notes :
You can easily tag notes like following.


You can also set a reminder for that also you can also set reminder email for that also. Once I do organizing information I will definitely know what are things that I need to do today and then I can put my 100% energy on that and complete those things very easily.

Tips for getting things done:

  1. This is not a miracle method you need to try that and then improve your strategy based on that.
  2. You can collect your information any time and put as notes. 
  3. You need to do process things every two or three hours once you are free.
  4. Allow very less interruptions when you working on your actionable items. Interrupt it if its absolutely necessary.
  5. Review everything you do and then make improvement. Also don’t for empty your notes with done things every week.
Try it. Evaluate it. Review it and I am confident you will be more productive then ever. I have tried that for my side activities at home  and I am more productive at home then ever and Now I am going to implement that in my professional work.

I hope you like it. Stay tuned for more.
Friday, February 7, 2014

Why multitasking does not work any more

Still lots of people thinks that multitasking is good. If you can do multitask then you are more productive.. Every employer loves this.. But wait are you sure you are more productive when you do multitasking nope I don’t think so.. Here are few reasons multitasking does not work any more..


Have you ever checked quality of your work when you are doing multiple work. Have you ever carefully read your emails when you talk on phone or do other things while you are writing email. I have tried this many times and I have done many mistakes. When I tried to write emails while I am doing other things most I have made mistake like incorrect spelling,incorrect  grammar,forgot attachment etc. I am sure you all gone through this dilemma. From my experience whenever I have done multitasking I have loose quality of work. In today’s word quality is everything. Let’s take example of doctor they have to deal with patient’s life and disease and if they do not have quality then imagine what will be side effect of that on your body. So quality is everything and if you do two task or project at same time I am 100% sure you can not complete your work with 100% quality.


When you do multitasking you are shifting your focus from one task to another task and you can not 100% involve your self with one task because your brain will  think about another task also. And if you loose your focus then it will automatically decrease your productivity.

It’s slowing you down:

Lots of people believe that multitasking is going to save your time but that is not true. Multitasking will slow you down..don’t believe yes it is right. Try a exercise write a business email while talking to your loved one and then measure time taken for writing this email and then think if you are writing email without concentrating on any other thing or phone how much time it will take I am sure you will feel that you can take much smaller amount time then writing email while talking on phone. So it will take longer then you expected because you are switching between phone and emails and your concentration also jumping from one thing to another thing.


It will give you lots of stress when you do multiple things at single time because your focus is keep jumping from one thing to another thing and vice-versa. Your mind constantly remind you that you also need to concentrate on another thing also and you can not do efficient work on a single thing.


Take an exercise.. Talk on a phone while watching TV.. then once you conclude try to remember thing that you watched on TV. I’m sure you are going to miss lots of important details. Because you are interrupting one task to suddenly focus on another task and ultimately you are going to loose important details and your memory will be poor.

There many more reasons why multitasking does not work but this are top five reason why multitasking is not going to work for human beings. Hope you like it. Stay tuned for more..

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