Sunday, May 31, 2009

Microsoft Bing –Search Engine by Microsoft

Microsoft on Thursday announced the new search engine bing. They are rebranding there search engine from live search to the bing search and will replace the live search in the future. It’s a good search product and beat some way to Google. Bing is not available to public yet bug we don't have wait too much. From June 1 some user will get the user will get the beta version. It is new version of the old project called kumo from the Microsoft.


Microsoft will introduce the new tools with the bing family of search like cash backs on search,price predictor etc. For more details visit the following links


DataSet Vs Datareader

Before some time a reader  vamsi asked me in my increase application performance post that why should i prefer data reader over dataset. Both data reader and dataset are usually use to fetch data from the database but both are having different mechanism for fetching data from database. First we looked into that and then we decide in which condition we need to use dataset and in which condition we need to use data reader.


Datareader fetch data one by one from the database. You can have one row(record)  at a time in datareader. Once you read next row with read method of the datareader the older record is destroyed from memory and new record will take place instead of it. You can do that only forward only and you can not modify the data. It also require a database connection to stayed open while fetching data. You can use CommandBehavior.CloseConnection property to close connection after data reader finish reading data from database.


You can call dataset a mini database in your memory. Dataset support disconnected architecture as once you fill dataset with data then no connection is required. A database can contain multiple tables also its supports relationship between them. You can insert,update and delete records from dataset and you can update them also in database.

Where i should use dataset over database?

When you are required to display only data then use datareader.Dataset will fetch data once a time. So if you are having millions of records then it will consume your server memory while datareader will have just one record at a time in database. And you need not to display millions of records at time.

Following are the link from which you can find which is best suited for your need.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

My blogs posts are appearing on Microsoft TechEd

Its a great honor to be part of the Microsoft TechNet and TechEd community and i have found that my blog entries are also appearing on the TechNet sites. So thanks Microsoft and TechEd editors for considering my post in TechEd blogs.

Here is link for TechEd blogs.


What is the difference between User Control and Custom Control

Custom controls are compiled code(Dlls) easier to use,difficult to create and can be place in toolbox. You can drag and drop controls, Attributes of this control are visually set at design time. A custom control can be used in multiple application as shared DLLS. Any one can copy DLL of custom control in bin directory and add reference and use them. Normally custom controls are designed to provide custom functionality independent of consuming application.

User controls are similar to those of asp include files easy to create, can not be placed into the toolbox and dragged dropped from it. A User controls can share single application files. Normally designed to provided functionality that is reusable for the particular application.


JavaScript Events

Following are some of the events that are provided by JavaScript


Occurs when user changes values in an input control. In text controls this event fire after user changes focus to other controls


This event occurs when a user clicks on the button control.This event is also occurs when a form is submitted to server.


This events occur when user moves the mouse pointer over a control.


Occurs when the user move mouse pointer over a control.


Occurs when user release a pressed key.


Occurs when the User selects a portion of a text in a user control.


Occurs when a control receive focus.


Occurs when a focus leaves controls.


Occurs when user cancels image download.


Occurs when an image can’t be downloaded


Occurs when a new page finishes downloading.


Occurs when a page is unloaded(This typically occurs when a new url has been entered_


Authentication and authorization in

Authentication is the process that determines the identity of a user after a user has been authenticated, a developer can determine if the identified use has authorization to proceed.

Authorization is the process of determining whether an authenticated user is permitted access to other any part of application or access to specific data view that application provides.

There are three types of authentication method is provided by the users.

  1. Windows Authentication –Basic, Digest .
  2. Forms Authentication.
  3. Passport and integrated authentication.

Windows Authentication:

Windows authentication is used together with IIS authentication. When IIs Authentication is complete,ASP.NET uses the authenticated identity to authorize access. This is default settings.

Forms Authentication:

In forms authentication request that are no authenticated are redirect to an html form using HTTP client side redirection. The user provides his login information and submits the form. If application the request, the system issues a form that contains credentials or a key or a identity

Passport Authentication:

It is a centralized authentication service provided by Microsoft that offers single login and core profile services for member sites. This mode of authentication was de-emphasized by Microsoft at the end of 2004 year.

How to set authentication in web.config:

You can set the authentication mode in web.config as follows.

<Authentication Mode=”WindowsFormsPassportNone”></Authentication>

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Increase Performance in application

For every enterprise level application the key to make that application success is the responsiveness of application. ASP.NET also offers great deal of the features for developing web based enterprise application but some times due to avoiding best practice to write application the performance of application performance of application is not so fast as it should be. Here are the some use full suggestion to make your application super fast.

  1. Always set debug=”false” in web.config production environment.
  2. Always set trace=”false” in web.config production environment
  3. If you are using 2.0 or higher version then always use precompiled version of your code and also prefer web application project over website. If you are using website then always publish it and then upload that precompiled version of your site in production environment.
  4. Always compile your project in Release Mode before uploading application to production environment.
  5. Decrease your html kb as much as you can for that use tables less html using div’s and if possible then do not give big name to your control it will increase your html kb as uses client Id to differentiate all the controls. If you are creating custom controls then you can overwrite your clientid and uniqueId.
  6. Use cache api as much as possible it will decrease your server roundtrip and boost application performance. ASP.NET 2.0 or higher version provides functionality called sqlcachedependancy for your database caching. It will validate cache with your database operation like insert,update and delete and if not possible with it then use the file base caching.
  7. Remove blank spaces from your html it will increase your kb. You can use regular expression to remove white spaces. I will post the code for removing white spaces next posts.
  8. For 2.0 and higher version use master pages. It will increase your performance.
  9. Prefer database reader over dataset unless and until you have specific reason to use database.
  10. Use ADO.NET asynchronous calls for methods. 2.0 or higher version is supporting your performance. If you are using same procedure or command multiple time then use ADO.NET Prepare command it will increase your performance.
  11. Do IIS performance tuning as per your requirement.
  12. Disable view state for your controls if possible. If you are using 2.0 or higher version then use control state instead of view state. Store view state in session or database by overriding the default methods for storing view state.
  13. User Server.Transfer instead of response.redirect.
  14. Always use inproc session state if possible.
  15. Use Ajax for your application wisely. Lots of Ajax calls for a page will also decrease your performance.
  16. Measure your application performance with tools like redgate profiler,firebug and whyslovw from yahoo.
  17. User System.Text.StringBuilder for string concatenation its 4 times more faster then the normal strings.
  18. Right JavaScript in .Js files and place it as bottom of the application.
  19. Use Separate CSS files for styling of application.
  20. User database paging over normal paging while displaying huge amount of data.
  21. Call web service from java script instead of server side. Use asynchronous calls to call a web method from web service.

That’s it!!…..Happy Programming..

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Microsoft Visutal Studio 2010 Beta Available for download now

We all .NET developers are waiting for the visual studio .NET 2010 for long time. Microsoft just have enabled download for all beta users. Following is the link for downloading the visual sutdio 2010.

From this link you will know all the things related to visual studio 2010.

Following are the some glimpse of the features of visual studion 2010.

  1. F# Support
  2. Java Script code compilation and debugging
  3. JQuery is included in visual studio 2010
  4. UML
  5. Better display of code in editor.
  6. Parrallel Programing facilities.

Implementing repository pattern with the entity model

There are lots of ways to implement repository pattern but with entity model you can create repository pattern within 10 to 15 minutes.

If you are creating mvc application then just right click->Model folder->Add->Net Item->select entity data model.

From database explorer right click and drag your tables to your database explorer. It will create a entity class. For example i have created a notes table for my sample and it will create a notes entity class in my entity data model.

After creating the entity class not its time to create a interface for repository pattern which will contain my all the operations related to notes entity.

Following is the interface which we will implement use for repository.

namespace DotNetJapsMVC.Models.Respository.Interface
interface INotesRepository
void CreateNotes(Notes notesToCreate);
void EditNotes(Notes notesToEdit);
void DeleteNotes(Notes notesToDelete);
Notes GetNotes(Guid noteId);
IEnumerable ListNotes();

Now we will create a class that will implement this repository interface. Here is the coding for that.

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Web;

namespace DotNetJapsMVC.Models.Respository.Class
public class NotesRepository:Interface.INotesRepository
private DotNetJapsEntities _myEntities = new DotNetJapsEntities();

public void CreateNotes(Notes notesToCreate)

public void EditNotes(Notes notesToEdit)
var originalNotes = (from n in _myEntities.Notes
where n.NoteId == notesToEdit.NoteId
select n).FirstOrDefault();

_myEntities.ApplyPropertyChanges(originalNotes.EntityKey.EntitySetName, notesToEdit);


public void DeleteNotes(Notes notesToDelete)
var originalNotes = GetNotes(notesToDelete.NoteId);
_myEntities.DeleteObject(originalNotes );

public Notes GetNotes(Guid noteId)
return (from n in _myEntities.Notes
where n.NoteId == noteId
select n ).FirstOrDefault();

public IEnumerable ListNotes()
return _myEntities.Notes.ToList();


That's it we have created the repository classes and repository interface. You can use as following in your class or pages.

private  INotesRepository _repository;

public List LoadNotes()
 return _repository.ListNotes();

Advantage Of Repository Pattern:
  1. Make application loosely coupled so if you want to change the something then you don't need to change everything from scratch.
  2. With the repository pattern we can have nice abstraction which will separate our business logic as well as database logic.
  3. You can prevent dependency injection through the repository pattern.
Happy Programming
Friday, May 22, 2009

Which .NET Object Relational Mapper is fastest? In .NET Nhibernate,Linq 2 SQL,Entity Framework Or SubSonic, NHibernate

There are lots of ORM(Object Relational Mapper) tools are available for the Microsoft.NET like linq 2 sql, entity framework, nhibernate, subsonic and so many others. Developer often confuses which technlogy he should choose but i think a developer should deternmine his requiremnt first then he has check the pros and cons of every tool there .

I have used entity framework for my application as i like it most and its easy to use.
Following are some good article which will help you to choose right orm tool for your applications.

Happy Programming...

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