Thursday, January 17, 2008

How to show javascript alert message from code behind

Javascript is one of the most important language for webdevelopement. We need to build the interactive websites. For the desktop application Messagebox are very important thing for building interactive websites. But from server side ( we can not display messageboxes and other things. But with the help of java script we can display the alert(Messagebox) messages on our websites.

I have found a great link on this. Here is the link:

ASP.NET validation control in Depth.

From 1.0 to ASP.NET 3.5 having validation controls like required field validator,Compare field validation, Range Validator,Validation Summary, Regular Expression Validator, Custom Validator.

This control can be use very efficiently without writing much of javascript and other code.

I have found a great link which describes each and every aspect of validation control from 1.0.

Here is the link for that article..

How to Alter ColumnName in sql server with query..

We are normally using Alter Column Modify command to modify the column defination. But SQL Server does not support it. Rather then then that they are are supporting new syntax Like


Here is the syntax for ALTER TABLE command for sql server.

ALTER TABLE table { [ ALTER COLUMN column_name { new_data_type [ ( precision [ , scale ] ) ] [ COLLATE <> ] [ NULL NOT NULL ] {ADD DROP } ROWGUIDCOL } ] ADD { [ <> ] column_name AS computed_column_expression } [ ,...n ] [ WITH CHECK WITH NOCHECK ] ADD { <> } [ ,...n ] DROP { [ CONSTRAINT ] constraint_name COLUMN column } [ ,...n ] { [ WITH CHECK WITH NOCHECK ] CHECK NOCHECK } CONSTRAINT { ALL constraint_name [ ,...n ] } { ENABLE DISABLE } TRIGGER { ALL trigger_name [ ,...n ] } }

If you want more to know about it. Please visit following link at Micorosft sql server developement center.

.NET Framework Source Code Available

Have you ever think that you can view the source code available for .net framework. If you have dream of it, this is the time to come it true. Microsoft has just released the source code to debug.

I have found a great post that how to debug the cod the .net framework.

Here is the link for the code...

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