Sunday, January 4, 2015

C# 6.0–New feature series

This post will be aggregator post for all C# 6.0 feature series. Here you can find all of my blog posts about what’s new in C# 6.0.

Till now, I have written following blog posts.

C# 6.0–nameof Operator
C# 6.0–Auto implemented property initializer
C# 6.0–Static class using statement
C# 6.0–String Interpolation
C# 6.0- Null Conditional Operator
C# 6.0–Exception Filters
C# 6.0–String Interpolation
C# 6.0–Expression Bodied Members
C# 6.0–Dictionary Initializers
Recent updates to C# 6.0 syntax with new version of Visual Studio 2015 CTP

Hope you like it. Stay tuned for lot more about new Microsoft.NET technologies!!


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