Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Continuous Integration Series–DotNetJalps

I have written couple of point related to Continuous Integration and this post will server as a list of posts related to continuous integration.

Why continuous integration is your friend?
Continuous integration with and TFS
Continuous Integration with,Unit Test(Test Driven Development) and TFS

Hope you like it. Stay tuned for lots more about Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment related post.


  1. I mean, will you get real-time or compile-time error if you rename your variable 'name' to something else. If it does, then it would be really great.

  2. If you do it with refactor tool then it will do the rename otherwise it will give compile time error.

  3. ok, if it gives compile time error, then it's great.
    And thanks a lot for replying to the queries and doing this informative series on C# 6.

  4. good post. this is the straightforward and simplest sample i could find.... thanks

  5. Hi it's a great post, thanks for the post . but i am getting small error " Mapping exception was unhandled by user code " ( can not compile the mapping document Employee.hbm.xml)

    my xml code is like this.. help me


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