Sunday, January 25, 2015

ASP.NET 5(vNext) on Ubuntu 14.4(Linux)

As we all know Microsoft has recently launched ASP.NET 5 and Microsoft has made announcement that it will work on any version of Linux and OSx. So in this post we are going to learn how we can use ASP.NET 5 on Ubuntu.

Installing Ubuntu on Oracle Virtual Box:

As I don’t have spare computer where I can install Ubuntu so that I’m going to install it on Oracle Virtual Box. If you don’t know about Virtual Box then it it a powerful x86 and AMD/Intel 64  virtualization product for enterprise or home box. It is freely available as GNU Licence.

You can find more about  Oracle Virtual Box here-

There are few things you to consider before going this route.
  • You need to first make sure that your computer supports virtualization or not. There are some utilities available for that like Intel processor identification utility – You can download from the here- It will tell you whether your processor supports Virtualization or not.
  • After checking whether your processor supports virtualization, you need to enable virtualization from Bios. That is different as per your Processor and you can learn how you can enable virtualization on your pc via searching on internet.
  • Make sure you have at least 4 GB ram to run this virtual OS smoothly. If you less RAM then it will work but thing will be slow.

How to install Ubuntu on Oracle Virtual Box:

There are lots of sources available on internet so I am going to show you step by step installation walk through Here. Followings are some of links I have used.

Here I would like to mention in Network settings of your Virtual OS please select bridge adapter which will use your parent PC Internet.


Another tip to make clipboard available to Bi-directional so that you can copy past from parent to virtual and virtual to parent OS.


Installiing ASP.NET 5 (VNext):

It’s very easy to install ASP.NET 5(vNext) on Ubuntu and Graeme Christie has already written a great post to install ASP.NET 5  on Ubuntu. I have completely followed his post and I would recommend you to follow the same.

Here is the complete post for Installing ASP.NET 5(vNext) on Ubuntu-

Here are some of screenshot I have taken while running command as per the above post.

Upgrade your package cache:


Installing mono develop:


Adding certificate to store:


Checking Mono Version: Make sure you have mono 3.8 or higher version.


Install Curl:


Bootstrap KVM:


KVM Upgrade:


Install Git:


Git Clone of David Fowler Repository:


KPM Restore on HelloWorldNext directory:


CD to Source Directory:


Web Server Started:




That’s it. Hope you like it. Stay tuned for more!


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