Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Introduction to XAML

Microsoft has provided new extensible markup language called XAML(Extensible Application Markup Language ) with .net framework 3.0.

XAML is used to define dynamic or static user interfaces of C# or VB.NET . XAML will be used in Windows Vista to design user interfaces, but can be applied to Windows XP or Windows 2003 as well.

I have found a great articles to describe basics of XAML.This article contains following topics.

1) Background of XAML
2) Advantages of XAML
3) XAML Developer Tools
4) Write First applicaiton with XAML
5) XAML Elements
6) XAML Attributes
7) Generate User Interface pragmatically through XAML

here is the link for that article...

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  1. Hi Jalpesh,

    Informative Information.

    Keep Going good work.


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