Thursday, June 7, 2007

Create a Site Search Engine in ASP.NET - SiteSearch.aspx

I have found a very interesting link to design search engine in Which describes the sorting and searching mechanism in result data grid.

following the link of that article.............


  1. it's in .net 1.1, and it doesn't support masterpages and lots of issues...

  2. Thanks for giving the link of this important article. by applying this code I am able to create a search control in my project.

  3. Thanks for providing such an explanation.
    I was searching for the difference between WCF & Web Service for very long time and now i am able to identify the difference.
    Thanks dud

  4. can any one plz help me in find a project on search engine on

  5. i need that project with c# script.....pleaseea ny one help


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