Thursday, February 1, 2007

Microsoft Application Block for .NET

It's dream of every developer to create a robust,efficient and fast solution for his client and Microsoft application blocks help greatly to develop a efficient,robust and n-tier applications.
Like every developer we want our solutions robust,efficient,cost effective and elegant. But as we all know sometimes it is not easy to achieve this goals. Microsoft application block help you achieve this goals in the great way.

Microsoft Pattern and Practices:

Since the late 90s there has been an increased awareness within Microsoft that its customers require guidance in using the quickly growing array of technology emanating from Redmond. Among the first efforts were a series of Prescriptive Architecture Guides (PAGs) that detailed how to use Microsoft technology to create an Internet data center (IDC) and enterprise data center (EDC). From that things micro soft has started a new group called Microsoft patterns and practices. This group help to achieve goals in best ways.

This group has build some libraries for plate form called Microsoft application blocks to deliver highly efficient,robust solutions.

Typically, each application block includes the complete source code for the subsystem in both C# and VB, and sample applications called Quick Starts to get you started.

Following application blocks are created.

1) Data Access Application Blocks.
2) Exception Management Application Blocks.
3) Cryptography application blocks
4) Caching application blocks
5) Logging application blocks
6) Security application blocks.

All that application blocks are freely available for download. User can download and install it.

Following are the links for both versions 1.1 and 2.0 of Microsoft .NET Framework

Link for 1.1 Version:

Link for 2.0 Version:

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