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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Display group header in every page of Crystal Report.NET

We have often used the crystal report as a reporting tool to create various reports.
We some time need our group header to display in each and every page. In crystal
reports right click crystal report-> select group expert and then select the group
you want to display in each page. and goto the options and check the the
checkbox >Repeat group header in each page.

That's it.. Your group header will display on the top of each page.
Saturday, February 10, 2007

Display multiple columns in the Crystal Report.NET

While generating reports we are offten need to display data in multiple columns in cyrstal reports or any other report generation tool.

Crystal Report provides very easy way to do it. Please follow the following steps to complete things.

1) Open crystal report
2) Go to the section exprert and then select details section
3) Select 'Format with multiple columns' checkbox.
4) A layout tab appears in the section expert. From where you can design layout that how the multiple columns display in the crystal report.

That's it... You have created reports with multiple columns. You can also format crystal report groups with it.

Happy Programming.
Thursday, February 1, 2007

Crystal Report Field Color

In the crystal report You can also set the color of database field the dynamically. For that you
have to right click the field and select the format object then go to the font and color tab. Click the formula icon opposite to color and a formula editor opens. Put your formula whatever you want to implement and you set your color based on this formula.

Happy Programming..
Monday, August 7, 2006

Crystal Report : Add Comand:

Some times we need only a single field from a particular table while creating a report.Which sometimes has no relationship with others.To do this So many peoples are importing table and use a one field.

Crystal Reports 9.0 onwards give us a facility called command which return the fields as you have specified in the command query.

To do this go to the database expert and select add command this will open a query window there and put the simple query and it will return fields you have specified in the query analyser.

It's very simple.Happy Programming....

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