Friday, February 7, 2014

Why multitasking does not work any more

Still lots of people thinks that multitasking is good. If you can do multitask then you are more productive.. Every employer loves this.. But wait are you sure you are more productive when you do multitasking nope I don’t think so.. Here are few reasons multitasking does not work any more..


Have you ever checked quality of your work when you are doing multiple work. Have you ever carefully read your emails when you talk on phone or do other things while you are writing email. I have tried this many times and I have done many mistakes. When I tried to write emails while I am doing other things most I have made mistake like incorrect spelling,incorrect  grammar,forgot attachment etc. I am sure you all gone through this dilemma. From my experience whenever I have done multitasking I have loose quality of work. In today’s word quality is everything. Let’s take example of doctor they have to deal with patient’s life and disease and if they do not have quality then imagine what will be side effect of that on your body. So quality is everything and if you do two task or project at same time I am 100% sure you can not complete your work with 100% quality.


When you do multitasking you are shifting your focus from one task to another task and you can not 100% involve your self with one task because your brain will  think about another task also. And if you loose your focus then it will automatically decrease your productivity.

It’s slowing you down:

Lots of people believe that multitasking is going to save your time but that is not true. Multitasking will slow you down..don’t believe yes it is right. Try a exercise write a business email while talking to your loved one and then measure time taken for writing this email and then think if you are writing email without concentrating on any other thing or phone how much time it will take I am sure you will feel that you can take much smaller amount time then writing email while talking on phone. So it will take longer then you expected because you are switching between phone and emails and your concentration also jumping from one thing to another thing.


It will give you lots of stress when you do multiple things at single time because your focus is keep jumping from one thing to another thing and vice-versa. Your mind constantly remind you that you also need to concentrate on another thing also and you can not do efficient work on a single thing.


Take an exercise.. Talk on a phone while watching TV.. then once you conclude try to remember thing that you watched on TV. I’m sure you are going to miss lots of important details. Because you are interrupting one task to suddenly focus on another task and ultimately you are going to loose important details and your memory will be poor.

There many more reasons why multitasking does not work but this are top five reason why multitasking is not going to work for human beings. Hope you like it. Stay tuned for more..


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