Thursday, February 20, 2014

PetaPoco series–DotNetJalps

Recently one of the friend ask to create list of post that I have written about PetaPoco this post is a complete list of all my PetaPoco related post.

What is PetaPoco?

PetaPoco is a Microsoft ORM developed by Top Ten Software. It was inpired by Massive and Dapper Micro ORM. Following is a link where you can get all information about PetaPoco.

PetaPoco related blog posts on DotNetJalps:

Following is a complete list of PetaPoco posts that I have written on my blog. I will keep updating this list also for future posts about PetaPoco.

Get started with ASP.NET MVC and PetaPoco
PetaPoco with stored procedures
PetaPoco with parameterised stored procedure and Asp.Net MVC
CRUD operations with PetaPoco and ASP.NET MVC

Hope you like it. Stay tuned for more.


  1. Nice series! I just wanted to point out to your readers that a fully asynchronous fork of PetaPoco exists, called AsyncPoco. I maintain it here:

    It is available via NuGet:

    PM> Install-Package AsyncPoco


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