Friday, January 24, 2014

How to deal with over smart people

Today, I am going write some thing not technical, As I feel I am doing that for quite a time I should write about it. In today’s competitive world people wants to show their skills to companies and how important they are but some people are becoming over smart people. They always eager to show their smartness and make themselves highlighted. They take credits for task they have not done etc. I personally don’t like this kind of people but sometimes we have to bare with this kind people. So in this blog post, I am going tell different way of dealing with over smart people.
  1. First and foremost thing you can do is you can Ignore them. You don’t need to give attention what they are saying as you know they are acting over smart.
  2. This kind of people believes that they are smartest person on the earth. Don’t argue with that feeling otherwise you will not able to deal with this kind of people. Just ignore it and let it be. Complete your work with them and let them do what they want to do.
  3. Try working with them instead of against openly with them. If you against them,They will never understand your point because they think they are smarter then you.
  4. Maintain a polite and civil manner with them whatever they say. Keep your self calm and compose. Soon they started notices you that you are not in competitions with them they are motivated to treat you nicer then earlier.
  5. Don’t take their over smartness personally.
  6. Always keep backup plan if you involve this kind of person or give them some responsibilities. So in worst condition you will have plan B if Plan A is not successfully implemented by this kind of people and this will likely to happen.
  7. Keep boss aware what you are doing instead of be in competition of with kind of person. It will impact more then anything.
  8. If you think this people are hard to bare minimize the contact with them.
  9. Demonstrate your view that you view everyone as equal not as a superior or inferior.
I hope this will help you dealing with over smart people. Remember following quote always.

“If you think that you're so smart and holy, that means you haven't yet realized that a part of what we experience a result of our stupidity and wickedness in the past.”
― Toba Beta, Master of Stupidity

Hope you like it. Stay tuned for more..


  1. Hi

    Exactly, it matching my situation .

    I do my my work very hard but finally this guy coming and takes full credit of the work.
    I have complained to my boss,but my boss is supporting him like anything.

    Last 2 years I'm suffering with guy.

    I am having heavy streess now.

    Pls advice me, how to handle this guy?

    1. Hello,

      The only thing you need to is keep your boss updated everyday what you have done!! If possible send an update email to your boss everyday what you have done!!

      Best of luck!!


  2. Can you be more specific about who you consider oversmart? I'm in school and I've heard the term plenty of times used on me by classmates. I personally most of them are either immature and act sometimes very dumb and stupid. (And you claim one who thinks like that is automatically over smart, but I can give you examples of their stupidity).


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