Saturday, January 4, 2014

Year 2014 resolutions

First of all, Happy new year to all of you!!.  May your all your wishes come true this year.This time I am making resolutions public so I am accountable to my readers. Here are resolutions for year 2014.
  1. Should be more active in communities. Since last 3 months I was busy with professional commitments and lot of things happening with life. Now all things are going to be settle down in January month of this year so now I will be more active on communities.
  2. Loose weight. I have already started loosing weight via controlling my diet and this year I am planning to loose at least 15 kgs.
  3. Write three blog post at least a week.
  4. Learn my self new technologies like Node.js and Python.
This four resolution I want to try to achieve lets see how it goes. I will update how I am doing with my resolution each quarter.

Once again happy new year 2014 to all of you!!. Stay tuned for more..


  1. Nice, quantitative resolutions Jalpesh !!! Esp, point #3 is really aggressive. Looking forward to your sharing of knowledge with community.


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