Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Refactor tool in visual studio 2005

Re factor tool in the visual studio 2005

Visual studion provides great tool for modifying or make it simple. The Refactor tool
provides great functionality like changing parameters sequence or rename parameters,
record parameters,extract methods.

All this things can be done within the minutes. For c# go to in your code right
click and you can choose one of option that you want to do with your code.

Refractor for Visual Basic 2005:
Refactor! for Visual Basic 2005 is a free plug-in from Developer Express Inc.,
in partnership with Microsoft, that enables Visual Basic developers to simplify
and re-structure source code inside of Visual Studio 2005, making it easier to
read and less costly to maintain. Refactor! supports more than 15 individual
refactoring features, including operations like Reorder Parameters, Extract Method,
Encapsulate Field and Create Overload.

Download from this url:

For more details please visit:


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