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Saturday, August 18, 2018

Video: Windows Subsystem for Linux and Golang Environment with Visual Studio Code

Recently I have been playing with Golang and I found that there few packages that do not work with windows. So for that most of people are using VirtualBox and then installing Linux on that But Actually, you don’t need to do that as now you already have windows Linux subsystem which provides you a complete Linux Environment in your windows environment itself.

To educate, this I have created a video for the same. You can find that video below.

Here in this video, You can see that I have installed Ubuntu Linux subsystem.

What is Linux Subsystem:

Windows Linux Subsystem is a compatibility layer developed by Microsoft and Linux distributions for running Linux Environment natively on Windows 10. It was introduced with the Anniversary update.

From the following links, you can find more about it.

Links in Video:

Followings are links that have been used in the video.

How to download Visual Studio Code:
How to install Golang on Linux:
Golang Extension for Visual Studio Code:

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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Install Go Language and Lite IDE on Ubuntu

Note: I’m not moving to Another world. Still C# and ASP.NET is my bread and butter.
Recently I have installed Ubuntu as Virtual OS in Oracle Virtual Box. This was one of first exposure I got Linux base operating system.  Earlier I have used Linux when I was doing my masters as part of their curriculum.  So far I am having fun Ubuntu and other Linux base operating system has come far.

After installing Linux, I thought why should I try some other language which is completely different then which I am working right now. This make me Polyglot  programmer and I could learn something from trying a new language and so I gone through various language and choose Go language.

Why Go Language?

Here are the reasons why I have choose to learn GO programming language.
  • It’s backed by Google so will not go away near future.
  • High performance :  Makers of Go language claims that it will perform as fast C and C++ language.
  • Fairly easy language to run.
  • Statically typed just like C#.
  • It has Garbase collection so I don’t have to worry about memory management like C and C++
  • Concurrency is in built
To know more about go language you can visit following site. It has got ton of resources.

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