Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Visual Studio 2015 Github tools

I love open source and that’s why I’m making all the source code of my blog post on Github. Now with Visual studio 2015 RC Microsoft and Github released a GitHub tools for visual studio. So now you can directly interact with your Github repositories from team explorer itself. Working with Github never be easy now.

Once you install, Github tools for Visual studio with visual studio 2015 installation. It will be available on Team explorer like below.


Once you connect click on connect It will ask for your Github username and password.


Once you login then you will have option to clone or create repositories.


Once you click on create it will ask you for repository name and description.


And for cloning, You can select your existing repositories. It will show a list of repositories.


Once you connect visual studio with Github. It show a open in visual studio button on your existing repository page also.


That’s it. Hope you like it. It’s now very easy to work with Github now. Stay tuned for more.


  1. Shouldn't it be "$("#dialog-modal").dialog("destroy");" instead?
    Don't forget the typo. ;)

  2. Both will work Yes. Thank you very much for pointing about typo I will correct it at both places.

  3. Which version of jQuery and jQuery UI you are using?


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