Saturday, December 13, 2014

1.5 million page views for my blog-

Ahh, still it’s hard to believe that my blog has achieved this milestone. Yeah my blog got completed 1.5 millions page views. So first all, thank you readers without you guys it’s not possible to achieve such a big milestone.

When I started my blog I was not never sure what I am going to do with this blog. But then it’s become integral part of my life. Now I can’t imaging my self without my blog.
A big thank you to all who supported me and given so much love to my blog.
I would also like to thank you my family without their support it was not possible to achieve such a big milestone.

Before some time I have written a blog post about 1 million view. It took almost four years to achieve 1 million page views mile stone and now this time it cross half million in just about 7 months( May 2014 to Dec 2014). So again thank you very much dear readers for making my blog popular.

Statistics from

I am not super crazy about sharing statistics but this is a special milestone I am sharing my statistics with you guys. Following is a statistics confirmed by blogger built in statistics tool.


As per, statistics tool I am getting about around 60k page views per month even I have not posted anything since last 2 months.

Top 10 blog post from all the time:

Here are top 10 most visited blog post from my blog.


Again, On the occasion of this milestone. I would like thank all the people who supported me through my life. Keep reading my blog dear readers!



  1. Congratulations Jalpesh.

    Keep up to good work.

    1. Thanks Soner!! I have seen your blog you are doing great job also!! One request is there please write your articles in English so that you can attract more visitors to your blog and help more people!

      Keep Blogging! and Thanks again for appreciation


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