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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Video: How to debug C# Code with Visual Studio Code

Hello Friends, Recently I have been having fun creating Video. So Here I have created one more. In this Video, I have explained how we can debug the C# Code with Visual Studio Code.

For those, you don’t know Visual Studio Code is a brand new open source Editor from Microsoft. It provides lots of cool features and debugging is one of them. It has got built-in debug support and intellisense with languages like CSharp and Node.js.

So what we are waiting for. Here is the link for the video.

You can see the same video at the following link.

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Here is the link to YouTube

That’s it. Stay tuned for more!!.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Video Review: Restful Services with ASP.NET Web API by Packt Publishing

If you enjoy seeing videos to learn thing this is the opportunity, Now  Packt publishing is also started providing video courses and tutorial. I’m lucky enough to get an opportunity to review this video and thanks again Sagar Malage and Packt publishing marketing team to providing me opportunity to review this video.

About Video Course:

Course Name : Restful services  with ASP.NET Web API by Packt Publishing.
Total Duration: 2 hours and 4 minutes.
Release Date: Wednesday February 26,2014.
Author: Fanie Reynders


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