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New Features–Out Variables in C# 7.0

Prior to C# 7.0,  For out keyword, we need to define that variable earlier and then we were able to pass that variable as out reference arguments. But now with C# 7.0, You don’t need to declare the variable but you can use the variable which you have used in arguments.

Following is a code showing both ways passing out variables.

In the above code, You can see that I have created get employee static method which put some values in this out variables. First I have shown the old way of doing this. Where I explicitly defined the variables and then passed it to function while in the new way of doing you don’t need to explicitly define variable. You can write this as an argument and then, later on, you can use the same variable in next statements.  Now when you run the application, the new and old way both produce the same output.

You can find complete source code of this examples at following location on Github at-

Code Navigation features in Visual Studio 2017

This blog post is a part of Visual Studio 2017 New feature Series TL;DR: With Visual Studio 2017 there are lots of new Code Navigation features introduced. We are going to look all the options available in Visual Studio 2017.

Navigation your code with Visual studio 2017: Visual Studio 2017 have newly refreshed code navigation features which help you moving from point A to B easily and fewer distractions. There are mainly four new features available.

Go to Implementation(Ctrl+F12): It helps you navigate from any base type to implementation of the concrete type.

Go To Line(Ctrl+G): It helps moves cursor from current line to specified line number.

Go To All(Ctrl+T): It helps you navigate directly to any file/type/symbol/member. You can move from any files to anywhere with this feature easily.

Go To File(Ctrl+ 1, Ctrl + F): You can easily navigate between files with this feature.

Go To Type(Ctrl+1, Ctrl + F): You can move to any type with this feature. It searches classes/interfaces/enum…

A new start page for Visual Studio 2017

This blog post is a part of Visual Studio 2017 New feature Series Recently Microsoft has released a new version of Visual Studio 2017 and as usual, there are tons of features available with Visual Studio 2017. Visual Studio has always been one of my favorite IDE. We are going to look into all the features one by one. The first thing when you launch a New instance of the Visual studio will launch a start page. So in this blog post, we are going to explore what’s new in start page of Visual Studio 2017.

A new start page for visual studio 2017 The first thing once you load visual studio 2017 will have a start page. It has been divided into three columns. The first column contains Get Started and Recent sections. The second column contains Open Project and New Project section and the third column contains Developer new section. By default when you load Visual Studio it looks like following.

Get Started and Recent Section of Start Page: Get Started section of Visual Studio 2017 contains h…

New Blog theme- new technologies

This blog has been quite for the some time. I was busy doing some professional commitments but now I decided to write blog post regularly. As there are lots of interesting stuff happening in technology world. There are tons of new technologies coming up and lots of new things to learn.

New blogger theme: Recently has launched few new theme and I also decided to have new blogger theme on my blog. I have used “Contempo” theme for my blog. This time I have done some experiments I have not changed anything except the background feature. Let’s see how it goes with SEO and other stuff.  Here is new look of my blog.

Hope you will like it.

New Technologies to blog : There are lots of stuff happening in technology and I started learning those technologies and I’m going to share my learning experience with you guys for sure. So do except blog post on following topics.
Visual Studio 2017ASP.NET Core 1.1C# 7.0Entity Framework Core.NET Core cross platformDockerNode.jsGolang SQL Server…

A Review of Stellar Phoenix SQL Database Repair

SQL Server is a database server developed by Microsoft, the primary function of which is to store and retrieve data in the database MDF and NDF files. It retrieves data as requested by several software applications running on same or different computer across a network. Plus, it has a lot of concurrent users. Aimed at various enterprise segments, it caters to different workloads ranging from a small single-machine to large Internet-facing applications.

Although data on it is stored in a safe and secure manner, yet there are instances when it’s MDF and NDF files get damaged or turns inaccessible due to one or more reasons. Moreover, this happens irrespective of the SQL Server versions that can be 2016, 2014, 2012, 2008, etc. When they get damaged, they come up with several and unique error messages. Such a situation restricts you from accessing the stored data of the database. This creates the necessity for using a third-party software that can repair both these files and extract the …