Monday, March 27, 2017

New Blog theme- new technologies

This blog has been quite for the some time. I was busy doing some professional commitments but now I decided to write blog post regularly. As there are lots of interesting stuff happening in technology world. There are tons of new technologies coming up and lots of new things to learn.

New blogger theme:

Recently has launched few new theme and I also decided to have new blogger theme on my blog. I have used “Contempo” theme for my blog. This time I have done some experiments I have not changed anything except the background feature. Let’s see how it goes with SEO and other stuff.  Here is new look of my blog.


Hope you will like it.

New Technologies to blog :

There are lots of stuff happening in technology and I started learning those technologies and I’m going to share my learning experience with you guys for sure. So do except blog post on following topics.
  1. Visual Studio 2017
  2. ASP.NET Core 1.1
  3. C# 7.0
  4. Entity Framework Core
  5. .NET Core cross platform
  6. Docker
  7. Node.js
  8. Golang
  9. SQL Server 2016
  10. MongoDB
  11. Azure and Different Azure services
  12. Angular 2/4.
  13. React
  14. Vue.js
I outlines few of technologies there but still there are lots of happening so Please put your comments that what technologies I should learn and blog about.

As always, Again thank you very much for the your support and love. Without your support this blog would have not have been exist. Thanks all as always.

Happy blogging and journey continues.


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