Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Display group header in every page of Crystal Report.NET

We have often used the crystal report as a reporting tool to create various reports.
We some time need our group header to display in each and every page. In crystal
reports right click crystal report-> select group expert and then select the group
you want to display in each page. and goto the options and check the the
checkbox >Repeat group header in each page.

That's it.. Your group header will display on the top of each page.
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  1. has anyone experienced this not working after setting the values correctly?

  2. @Tim yep, box ticked and everything, but no repeated header... :(

  3. This works. Many thx. A grateful SAP Consultant.

  4. @46e0a305a0982c5946dce5edd93a9956 Thanks!!

  5. can you send me screenshot anything that I can looked into

  6. can you send me error you are getting or what you are getting?

  7. i ticked "
    Repeat group header in each page" .stil not getting result

  8. i m working on crystal report and i have find out option New Page Before option is disabled there is no sub report or grouping just report you have any idea , i need just display report header on every page


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