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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tech-Ed on Road 2011- Ahmedabad–A great event

Last Saturday on June 11,2011 Ahmedabad was having Microsoft Tech-Ed on Road event. I was fortunate to being part of it. I have attended many community events in Ahmedabad but this time we get overwhelming response and approx. 300 to 400 persons where there in person and organizers were having hard time to arrange seats for them.


As always first event was started by welcome note where Pinal Dave has delivered a very short and sweet welcome note and then we have got our first speaker Mahesh Dhola on Lightswitch on cloud. In his session he has shown us some excellent features of the Visual Studio Lightswitch . He has created a CRUD Silverlight application without writing zero lines of code and with all the business validation and all the basic stuff that required for a application. The session contained lots practical demos.


After that session we had very own Technology Evangelist Pinal Dave. He has taken session on SQL Server Waits and Queues – Your gateway to performance troubleshooting. In his session he has explained what is the use of waits and queues and How we can increase the performance of our database with solving problems related waits and queues. Hi has made us fill that there is simple solutions to big problems and He also showed demo of some of the waits types. As our another speaker Harish Vaidyanathan said Pinal’s session was full of drama and emotions.


After that we have got another great speaker Harish Vaidyanathan. Who has taken session on HTML5- Future of web. He has got some excellent demos of HTML5 and CSS3 and also he has explained some of the features of Internet Explorer 9 and also explained How IE9 utilized resources on machine to serve web content faster then other browsers. We have learned a lots from him and we have proud to have him at Ahmedabad.


After session of HTML5 we had lunch and its a great way to meet people and exchange your knowledge with them. I have met many great people over there who are already serving community to a lot. After the lunch we had a small session and demo from Microsoft MVP Dhananjay Kumar. In his session he has delivered and showed demo of some of cool features of Microsoft new windows phone operating system called Windows Phone 7 Mango. It was to great to see multitasking third party applications.


After that We have one of the great session of the event. Our own proud of Ahmedabad the SQL and XML Guru Jacob Sebastian. He has delivered excellent session on TSQL Worst practices. In his sessions we have gone through some of the excellent scenarios where SQL Queries looks fine and work in some scenarios but it can be dangerous in some of the scenario. Usually we don’t care of that but he made us feel that we should not use this kind of queries.


After that we have got another good session about from our local Guys Tejas Shah who has delivered session on ASP.NET Tips and Tricks. In that he has explained some of basic features of with best practice to use them.


After that We has small demos of from the Kaushal Bhavsar about Silverlight 5 features.


After that we have some quiz and also announced some of winners for quiz one of my friend Kirti Darji also got pen drive a part of quiz winner.


It was a great event and I would to take this opportunity to thanks Microsoft and Ahmedabad User .NET groups and other organizers to have such kind of events. I am also looking for some of forthcoming events. Following are some of links from where you can find presentations and scripts that are used in demos.

HTML5 Beauty of Web -By Harish Vaidyanathan
TSQL Worst Practices- By Jacob Sebastian
SQL SERVER Performance troubleshooting using Waits and Queues -By Pinal Dave
ASP.NET Tips and Tracks -By Tejas Shah
LightSwitch on cloud- By Mahesh Dhola

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Microsoft Community Techdays at Ahmedabad-11th June 2011

Microsoft community TechDays are great events organized by Microsoft and every time I like to be part of it. Now once again this event date is announced  by Microsoft and its going to happen 11th June 2011. I would love to part of it. It’s a free event so you don’t need to pay for it.  It’s a good chance to do some social networking with Microsoft MVPS and professionals like Jacob Sebastian, Pinal Dave, Harish Vaidyanathan. You will also learn lots of new things.

Following is agenda for this event.


09:30am - 10:00am

10:00am - 10:15am
Welcome Note

LightSwitch On The Cloud! by Mahesh Dhola
10:15am to 11:15pm
The session would give introduction to Visual Studio Light Switch followed by the demo. The demo would give insight of developing Light Switch application and deploying to the Microsoft cloud offerings Windows Azure.

SQL Server Performance Troubleshooting using Waits and Queues by Pinal Dave
11:15am to 12:15pm
Just like a horoscope, SQL Server Waits and Queues can reveal your past, explain your present and predict your future. SQL Server Performance Tuning uses the Waits and Queues as a proven method to identify the best opportunities to improve performance. A glance at Wait Types can tell where there is a bottleneck. Learn how to identify bottlenecks and potential resolutions in this fast paced, advanced performance tuning session.

12:15pm - 01:15pm

HTML5 - Future of the Web by Harish Vaidyanathan
01:15pm to 02:15pm
HTML5 will change the Web as we know it today. Join this session to know what's happening behind-the-scenes of this hugely important specification. Get an overview of the new features in HTML5, CSS3, SVG & DOM specifications. Better understand what the open challenges are and where HTML5 is leading to in the future.

TSQL Worst Practices by Jacob Sebastian
02:15pm to 03:15pm
This is an interactive session filled with exciting demos where we will go over a number of "good looking" TSQL usages that are often quite "dangerous" by means of killing performance as well as producting uncorrect and unexpected results.

03:15pm - 03:30pm
Tea Break

ASP.NET Tips and Tricks by Tejas Shah
03:30pm to 04:30pm
The session will focus on understanding of Asp.Net fundamentals and tricks that can be used in development with Demo. This session also covers how to improve application performance.
Demo Extravaganza & Gifts by Community

04:30pm to 05:30pm
Various community speakers will present insight on upcoming technology and interesting demos.
Community session

Thank you Note

Note: The above agenda is subject to change.

I will be there. It will be great fun and learning experience. Hope to see you guys at that event.

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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Windows Azure Camp at Ahmedabad Overview- A Great Event

Recently Microsoft and Ahmedabad .NET User Group has organized a great event and opportunity to learn Microsoft Windows Azure. Each session was great and I quite enjoyed all the session through out the day.

First two session was from Gaurav Mantri-(Owner of Cerebrata Software - a very well-known company in world of Windows Azure Platform ISVs). Both sessions were great in First Session was about Introduction to Cloud Computing and Windows Azure in this session he has explained basics of cloud computing and also explained features of Windows Azure. He also explained all the scenario when we need to move our application to cloud. In the second session he has explained the Windows Azure compute and Storages available on windows Azure. He explained All the storage like tables,Blob etc. and also explained the advantages and disadvantages of the various available storage options on window azure.

After that we had a heavy lunch and in post lunch sessions Ahmedabad .NET User Group president Mahesh Dhola take deep dives to various tools available to develop Windows Azure application. He explained features of Windows Azure portal as well desktop tools available for the development Tools. In second session he has given real time demo via creating sample application called “Ahmedabad Khau Ghar “ A sample shopping cart developed in ASP.NET MVC2 and uses various features like Session State provider for Windows Azure etc.

At the end of the day we had Tea/Coffee and we had great discussion about the Windows Azure. Following is some of the pictures of Event.






It was a great event and Thanks Microsoft and Ahmedabad .NET User group for organizing such events. It a great to learn new things and Also great way to networking with other great guys.

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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Windows Azure camp in various city of India- Go Register it.


Microsoft is organizing the windows Azure camp in various cities of India. It’s a great chance to learn new things about Microsoft Windows Azure. So If you want to be part of that then you must register in this event. Following are date and cities information.

Ahmedabad- 10th April 2011 now postponed to 30th April( I will be there at 30th April 2011)
Banglore-30th April 2011
Chennai-9th April 2011
Delhi-10th April 2011
Hyderabad-10th April 2011
Kolkata-10th April 2011
Mumbai-9th April 2011
Mysore-10th April 2011
Pune –10th April 2011
Triavndrum –30th April 2011

Here is the link from where you can register for that event

See you guys there.. Stay tuned for more..

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Friday, November 26, 2010

Microsoft Community Techdays in Ahmedabad on 11th December

Microsoft Community Techdays is a great event organized by Microsoft for Every Quarter. Its going to be there on 11th December in Ahmedabad. I want to be there hope I could as my schedule is so start but you guys can not forgot to register at this event. It’s totally free and It’s great place to meet lots of interesting guys like Pinal Dave,Jacob Sebastian etc.


Here are the schedule for Ahmedabad.

10:15am - 10:30am
Welcome - Pinal Dave

10:30am - 11:15am
SQL Tips and Tricks for .NET Developers by Jacob Sebastian

11:15am - 11:30am
Tea Break

11:30am - 12:15pm
Best Database Practice for SharePoint Server by Pinal Dave

12:15pm - 01:00pm
Self Service Business Intelligence by Rehab

01:00pm - 02:00pm

02:00pm - 02:45pm
Managing your future, Managing your time by Vinod Kumar

02:45pm - 03:30pm
Windows Azure News and Introducing Storage Services by Mahesh Devjibhai Dhola

03:30pm - 03:45pm
Tea Break

03:45pm - 04:30pm
Improve Silverlight application with Threads and MEF by Prabhjot Singh Bakshi

04:30pm - 04:45pm
Thank you - Mahesh Devjibhai Dhola

So don’t forgot to be there. Register your seat at :

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Microsoft Community Techdays at Ahmedabad- A great Event

On 30th January Microsoft,Pass Organization and Ahemdabad .NET User Group organized Microsoft Community Techdays. It was a great event and full of information. There were five session with the full of content. First session was given by Mahesh Dhola on the Windows Azure Platform. In his session he explained all the thing related with windows azure platform from basics like what is windows azure why it is required and what is use of windows azure platform and how its works.

Windows Azure presentation by Mahesh Dhola

Insight of Windows Azure Platform by Mahesh Dhola

The next session was presented by Pinal Dave- A Microsoft Most Valuable Professional and Well know Database Architect for SQL Server. It was about SQL Azure. He has explained what is SQL Azure and all the tools that are needed to connect and maintain database on SQL Azure Server.


SQL Azure: Extending SQL Data Platform to Cloud By Pinal Dave

Then after lunch there was session given by Jadeja Dushyantsinh on Silvelight 4.0. In this session he has explained what is Silvelight, History of Silvelight and what’s new in Silvelight 4.0.The session also include some interesting demo of Silvelight 4.0 Features.


Microsoft Silvelight 4.0- An Overview By Dushyantsinh Jadeja

After this session there was an interesting session by Jacob Sebastian A well know SQL Book writer and Microsoft Most Valuable Professional . He explained SQL Server 2008 R2 data migration features and integration with Visual Studio 2010 by taking an example of love story of Summit- A DBA and Leena-A Developer. It was a great session We have learnt lots of refracting features available in SQL Server 2008 R2 and Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate.


Fall in love with SQL Server 2008 R2 By Jacob Sebastian

Last but not least session given by Prabhjot Bakshi – A well known Microsoft Certified Trainer about Visual Studio 2010 enhancement for Developers. In this session he has explained UML Designer features and lots of new things about Microsoft.NET 4.0 and Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. He has also explained why we need functional programming and some features of F#- A new functional programming language by Microsoft. Indeed it was great i have learnt lot about that in this session.


Visual Studio 2010 enhancement for Developers By Prabhjot Bakshi


Me(First from Left) with Mahesh Dhola,Prabhjot Bakshi and other Ahmedabad Group Members

Overall it was a great event and thank you once again Microsoft for organizing such events.

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ahmedabad Community Tech Days- 3rd October-Rocks!!!

Last Saturday 3rd October. Ahmedabad .NET user group and Microsoft has organize the Microsoft Community Techdays. It was superb and well organized event thanks to Dhola Mahesh,Pinal Dave and Jacob Sebastian. We had four blasting session of Vinod Kumar, Pinal Dave, Jacob Sebastian and Prabhjot Singh Bakshi.

The first session was from vinod kumar on Microsoft Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2010. Though he is sql server guy and very well known for his site. he has decided to take session for Microsoft Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2010. The session was full of information and we have seen some of advance features of Microsoft upcoming operating system Windows 7 and new version of Microsoft Office 2010.

After that we went for the lunch and then followed by two sql server sessions from the Pinal Dave and Jascob Sebastian. Pinal Dave has taken session on SQL server Index and it was very useful session for any person related with software development. All the SQL Server index features is presented and he explains that where we should implement index and where we should not implement index for the better performance of queries through simples examples.

Then we have back to back session from Jacob Sebastian on the SQL Server errors . The session of awesome. I had never got such details explanation of the sql server error messages. He explained the best practices to write error handling code in sql server. Through it was session about error which every programmer hate it nobody was moved from his seat.

Then we had a tea break for 15 mins and after that Prabhjot Singh Bakshi has taken session on .NET Framework. The session was excellent and even advance concept was explain by simples examples. So overall it was great event and I enjoyed each and every session. Once again thanks for all the mentor of Ahmedabad .NET user group and Microsoft for organizing such events.

For more details about the event and photographs please visit following links.


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