Visual Studio 2012

Visual Studio 2012 is a great IDE for Microsoft.NET and other related technologies .  There are lots of new features are there in Visual Studio 2012. I have written few blog post about Visual Studio 2012 new features and What's new in Visual Studio 2012. Following is a list of posts I have written about Visual Studio 2012. In future I am also going to post few more blog post on Visual Studio 2012 So I will update this according to it. Hope this will be useful for you guys to get all the list of post related to visual studio 2012.

4th May 2012- Visual Studio 2011 Beta First Review
5th May 2012- Project dialog in Visual Studio 2011 Beta
6th May 2012- Go to definition in JavaScript Feature of Visual Studio 2011 beta
8th May 2012- CSS Enhancement in Visual Studio 2011 Beta
10th May 2012- Image preview in solution explorer Visual Studio2011 beta
23rd May 2012-Browser selection in Visual Studio 2011 beta
24th May 2012- Extract to User Control in Visual Studio 11
21st June 2012- Color indication in Visual Studio 2012
27th June 2012- Bundling in visual studio 2012 for web optimization
01st July 2012- Quick tour of visual studio 2012 features so far
2nd July 2012- Multiple file upload with 4.5 and Visual Studio 2012
3rd July 2012- Event handler generation in Visual Studio 2012
12th July 2012 - Free Visual Studio 2012 eBook from Telerik
17th July 2012-Model binding with ASP.NET 4.5 and Visual Studio 2012
10th Oct 2012-Dark Visual Experience in Visual Studio 2012
5th Jan 2013- Search and filters available in visual studio 2012
24th Jan 2013- Visual studio 2012 color editor- Make Visual studio 2012 Colorful
24th Feb 2013- HTML editor enhancement in visual studio 2012
3rd March 2013- Page inspector in Visual Studio 2012
9th March 2013-Dependency graph in visual studio 2012- Understand your code better


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