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Solved: Microsoft SQL Server Error 3403

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From its powerful internal structure, fast performance, and reliability, SQL server is now widely accessed by several enterprise users. It is used to deal with bulk transaction processing, business programs, and content management. The Microsoft SQL server is chosen for its high-level security, scalability, and performance. Sometimes, corruption in the SQL database occurs due to the saving of a large amount of business information. This problem makes the server inaccessible, flashing an error message on the window.

One such message is ‘SQL server error 3403’, resulting in an unplanned downtime of the server.


Reason for SQL Server Error 3403:

Corruption and the server crash these two are the most common and root causes of the problem. Once the server crash takes place, the database verifies the transaction log. But, if the provided information does not match Object ID then, the application throws an error code 3403. It is possible that instead of these reasons there is some other cause of the problem. Following are those additional causes of SQL server error 3403 :
  • While updating the allocation page, the data gets written on the transaction log before the crashing takes place.
  • Another cause of the problem might be bad allocation activity by Microsoft SQL server.

How to Fix SQL Error 3403?:

The best way to deal with any of the SQL server error (including 3403) is to restore data from the recently created backup file. If you are having the backup file then, you just need to perform following steps :
  • First of all, drop the SQL server database and then, create a database for loading.
  • It’s time to restore database file and utilize online commands for activating restored files for use.
Note: Verify that the database files created at present must be having same size as of Sysusages value.

Alternative Solution to Fix SQL Server Error 3403:

It is possible that users might not be having a backup file with them. In such case, the only approach is to use SQL Recovery software, which restores the corrupt database with an ease. The software is a rapid technique for fixing SQL database files corruption without any efforts. What all you need to do is just browse corrupt MDF file. If you are unaware of corrupt SQL database location then, no need to worry because the software provides the solution for it. This product is also capable of recovering data from corrupt files, which are encrypted by Wallet Ransomware attack.


Errors are uncertain situations, which acts as challenges for an individual. If an accurate workaround is not executed then, these situations can also result in another hazardous condition. It should be the duty of each and every server user to fix the error, just after their occurrence. There are two solutions on how to fix SQL error 3403 i.e., backup file restoration and SQL database recovery program. As per the availability, readers are free to catch any of the workarounds for resolving their problem.


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