Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Free Get Involved Video from Scott Hanselman and Rob Conery

I have posted Why developer should blog? earlier where I have given various reasons why every developer should have a blog because it’s a great way to give back some thing to community and you can also market your self as a developer across community. Scott Hanselman and Rob Conery has created one of best video regarding same topic call Get Involved. Here they have explained how you can get out there and get involved with community with blogging, twitter, github , stackoverflow, user groups and conference. It will make you happier, more productive developer and inspire you take your career on next level.

It’s a complete package where you can learn lot of thing. They have explained all the things in details.

1) Blogging: In this chapter they have explained why you need blog? Which blogging platform you should use for blogging and what it takes write a good blog post. Here they have given a live example when Scott Hanselman writes a blog post.

2) Twitter: In this chapter they have various things like from choosing a twitter handle to picking an avatar. It also includes whom to follow and trying to hard.

3) GitHub: In this chapter they have talked about Github plateform, GitHub Resume, Get Noticed on GitHub and finding project to Help with.

4) StackOverFlow: In this chapter Jon skeet explain about what  a good questions on stackoverflow and also how you can gain reputation by writing a good answer on stackoverflow.

5) User groups: In this chapter they explained how to be part of user groups and given a example of portland user group.

It is a great video and Pluralsight has made it free. Thank you Pluralsight for doing this. I highly recommend to watch this video. After watching this video I am sure you will have different perceptive for your career.
You can find video from following link.


You can find more information video from Scott Hanselman’s post -FREE Pluralsight video: "Get Involved" in community!.

Stay tuned for more..


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