Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Tips for increasing Alexa rank of your technical blog

Today I am not writing any technical post. This post is out of subject for this technical blog. But the intension of this blog to reach more and more people to help community so I am writing this. In this post I am going to explain few tips for improving Alexa rank for your technical blog.

What is Alexa Rank? is a private company founded in 1996. They defined themselves as the “Web information company”. But in simple words for us Alexa is a company that measures web traffic in almost every site on the internet through their toolbar plugin. On the internet Alexa rank becomes a standard in the webmasters world. If you have good Alexa ranking then there will more people,advertisers,sponsors and visitors will be attracted your site.

Tips for increasing Alexa rank on your technical blog:

I am not kind of guru on this. I am just sharing what I have learnt from the experience. Followings are few tips that will help you increasing Alexa rank.

  1. First thing I need to clear that alexa rank and google page rank are both different. So If you are having higher page rank that does not mean that you will have higher Alexa rank. Both are measured in different way.
  2. To have perfect Alexa rank first thing you need to is to claim your site at You can claim your site via putting a meta tag suggested by them. That way can access your site better and you could have possibly better and accurate rank over there.
  3. Write blog post regularly. I think this is  must do thing for every blogger. If he wants to reach more and more people. You have to write constantly may be two post at least a week. 
  4. Do not copy content from other sites. I have found that some people directly copying content from the other sites initially. It will have some benefits but ultimately your site ranking will lower. Even search engines like Google or Bing are also very strict about copying content from other site.
  5. Provide good quality content. Any good blogger will have to write good content. Do not write things in such way that your reader can not understand. You should have to produce great content for your blog. Use images and other stuff wisely.
  6. counts links. If you get good back links to your blog then your ranking will be higher. So, try to have link building for your site. But I suggest that you should do that via interacting with other people, participate in community,write comments on other blog post.  Do not go for the fake link building programs that is offered by some sites over there.
  7. If you could, then write guest post on another people’s blog. If you could do that then its a great way to increase your back links. Same allow other people to write guest post at your blog.As they will post your blog link on their blog.
  8. Allow comments on your blog. If you have more comments and more updates of your blog every day you will have higher alexa rank.
  9. Install Alexa toolbar alexa also monitors how many times your site visited by users via their toolbar. So you have to update your blog via that toolbar. Install alexa tool bar for your favourite internet browser.
That’s it. hope you like it. Stay tuned for more updates!!.


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