Sunday, May 8, 2011

What’s new in SQL Server ‘Denali’ Management Studio.

Before sometime Microsoft has launched SQL Server Denali CTP a new version of SQL Server. I have downloaded it and install it on my machine. I have found variety of new features in SQL Server. Today I am going to explore some of the new features in SQL Server Denali Management Studio. Following are some of the new features of SQL Server Denali Management Studio.

New Font and New Colour Scheme:

First thing you notice when you start SQL Server Management Studio is the colour scheme it has nice blue theme just like Visual Studio 2010. Also if you see that now the default font is ‘Consolas’. Just like following.


Multi monitor Support:

Now SQL Server management Studio also can be work in multi monitor also. You can drag each window and set it for another monitor.Now you can each window can appeared out of shell of SSMS and You can drag with each window in different monitor like following.


Code Snippets:

Now there are lots of code snippets are available and you can that code snippets via right Click Query window-> Insert snippets like following.


Once you click Insert snippets it will open lots of built in snippets and create syntax for you directly.

Zoom Functionality:

Now you can zoom the query editor window. There is a dropdown given in left bottom corner of the window and you can zoom the query editor windows as you need like following.


There are many more features in SQL Server Denali Management studio. I have just explore few of them. For more details please visit following link which contains lots of list of new features.

That’s it. Hope you like it.. Stay tuned for more.. Happy programming.

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