Thursday, January 11, 2007

Windows Vista- New Micorsoft Operating System- Vista Feautres

Recently the Micros ft Official launches the It's new generation Operating System called,windows vista. It is one of most advance step of Microsoft towards the new generation operating system.

It has some great features.. Following are the some features of the windows vista.

1) User Interface

It has great and stunning user interfaces. It is eye candy and very easy to operate it.It provides the great visual experience to the user.

2) Security

It is Microsoft's most secure operating system till date.The OS that could match up security level of MAC and Linux.

3) Better Filer Organization and Search
The user can search and manages files much better then the older version of Microsoft operating system.New feature like instant search can perform search anywhere.

4) Internet Explorer 7
Windows vista is now coming with Internet explorer 7.0. It has very great features. You can check my previous post regarding Internet explorer 7.0.

5) Windows Sidebar and Gadgets

Windows Sidebar boosts your personal productivity by providing instant access to gadgets—a wide variety of engaging, easy-to-use, and customizable mini-applications that offer information at a glance and provide easy access to frequently used tools.
6) Performance
It will increase the performance of computer with features like Sleep, Windows Super Fetch, Windows ReadyBoost, and Windows ReadyDrive.
7) Backup
Windows Vista provides valuable new innovations to help ensure you never lose information that is important to you. Windows Vista offers multiple layers of backup and restore protection from hardware failure, user error, or other issues.
8) Networking
windows vista has some great features for networking to manage your network and boost your network performance.Windows vista has some other great features like speech recognition, help and feedback etc.
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