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Recently I was searching something and I found that one of the post about New Features of the SQL Server Denali was being discussed on Channel9 on MSDN. It’s a great pleasure and honour to have this kind of appreciation. I would like to thanks again Microsoft for giving opportunity and serve community. I would also like to thanks my readers who are giving me all the support and love.

Once again I am appealing good developers to start blogging. I have seen many great developers are who are doing great stuff but not blogging. I would like to say please please do the blogging and share your stuff with community and you will also get this kind of great appreciation.

Here is the link where they discussed that video.

Following is video where Dan and Clint from Microsoft discussed my blog post on channel 9.

Here are the stuff they have discussed during the video.
Once again thank you for great appreciation. Stay tuned for more.. Happy programming.

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