Project Dialog in Visual Studio 2011 beta

This post will be a part of the Visual Studio 2012 Feature Series. As now visual studio 2011 beta is known as Visual Studio 2012 .
Today we are going to look at the New project dialog and some other improvements in visual studio 2011 beta. New project dialog comes with streamlined metro style icons of the project and looks beautiful. You can see some new project templates like portable class library which is a project template for creating dlls which can run on the windows,Silverlight and windows phone 7 and Xbox 360 just like following.

Visual Studio 2011 features - Project dialog Portable library

Another edition you can see that is light switch is now is a template category so you don’t have to download visual studio light switch version to create visual studio light switch application as you can see in below image.

Visual Studio 2011 Beta feature seires - Light switch project template

Also under test project you can see a new project template called ‘Coded UI Test Project’ which is used to test coded UI just like following.


That’s it. Hope you like it. In forthcoming post I am going to post more about Visual Studio 2011 features. Till than stay tuned for more updates. Happy Programming!!