Developing 3-Tier application Using ASP.NET

Any one can develop 3-Tier application in ASP.NET very easily.It contains 3-tier each one is separate from the each other. I

1) Data Tier: Data Tier contains database and database related code and logic Such as Methods,Queries,Stored Procedure and Classes for the Database Connectivity and Database Operation. It is the foundation of any data centric web application.

2) Business Tier: In this tier the actual business entities and business rule are applied. It contains the code and classes for maintain business rule specific to requirement of the application.It it the portion where the business logic are applied.

3) Presentation Tier: This tier contains the presentation logic for the application. That means the actual .ASPx pages that is visible to user. Which contains the user interfaces for the application. With the ASP.NET 2.0 You can easily develop this application without writing much code.

For more details you can find in Scott Gu's blog post.


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