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Friday, February 15, 2008

Creating Web Services in a Class Library project

When you are developing a plug in or add in for a software some time you have a requirement for developing webservice hosting in DLL. I have found a great link which describes all the things.

here is the link..

Thursday, January 17, 2008

.NET Framework Source Code Available

Have you ever think that you can view the source code available for .net framework. If you have dream of it, this is the time to come it true. Microsoft has just released the source code to debug.

I have found a great post that how to debug the cod the .net framework.

Here is the link for the code...
Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Some handy Visual Studio 2005 shortcuts

We always use to perform the things faster without interacting with mouse. I have found a great link for visual studio 2005 short cuts. It's is very use ful when we want to save time while developing applications.

Here is the link:
Tuesday, November 27, 2007

What's new in visual studio 2008 and .NET Framework 3.5

Microsoft has just released the visual studio 2008 and .net framework 3.5. I have found a great link to discover what's new in visual studio 2008 and .net framework. The Link contains following things.

1) WPF improvements.
2) What's new in visual studio 2008
3) What's new in .net framework 3.5

Here is the link for that:

Visual Studio 2005 and .NET Framework 3.5Release

Visual Studio 2008 and .NET framework released by the Microsoft recent days.It has lots of new features compare to it's prior version.

With 3.5 you can now develop web application as you are developing desktop application. You can give functionality to web application just like desktop with lots of new technologies with .net framework 3.5.

I have found a great link form where you can download 3.5 and visual studio 2008.

Here is the link:

What is diffrenece between and string.compareordinal

String.Compare can be or not be case-sensitive, and can incorporate anynumber of comparison options, including culture-sensitivity and sortingrules. That is, it is not comparing the exact strings necessarily, but canbe configured to do various sorts of comparisons. String.CompareOrdinalcompares the numeric values of the individual Unicode characters of thestrings. In other words, it is always case-sensitive, and neverculture-sensitive.

String.CompareOrdinal is faster (more efficient) when you don't need to do aculture-sensitive comparison, and you do want to do a case-sensitivecomparison.String.CompareTo is case-sensitive, using an Ordinal comparison, andculture-sensitive, but always uses the current culture. It is faster thanString.Compare, but less efficient than String.CompareOrdinal.
Thursday, November 15, 2007

Visual Studio 2005 Keyboard Short Cuts

Visual Studio 2005 is a great IDE to develop .NET applications. But If we don't know the keyboard shortcut for some function we have to do it with mouse and it will take lots of time.

I have found a great link which contains almost all the short cut for keyboards.

Here is the link for that article...
Thursday, November 8, 2007

ASP.NET,Visual Studio 2008 and .Net Framework 3.5

ASP.NET is a great platform to develop web base application. It always been pleasure to develop application in Microsoft has recently launched the new .net framework 3.5. There are some new features provided in 3.5. I have found a great link that will discuss and have information you want to know about 3.5 framework version.

Following are the some of the new feature that are included in .net framework 3.5 and described in the article.

  1. ASP.NET and Ajax
  2. New list and data pager controls
  3. Linq and other .net 3.5 enhancements
  4. WCF Support for RSS, JSON, POX and Partial Trust

Following are some new features that are described in article for visual studio 2008

  1. New Design Interface
  2. Javascript debugging and intelisense
  3. Multitargetting support.

Here it the link for that article...

Monday, October 15, 2007

What is the diffrence between abstract(must inherit) class and inteface

Following are the main difference between abstract class and interface.

1. Abstract class can contain abstract method while interface does not.
2. Abstract class can contain method body while interface does not.
3. Methods in abstract class can contain any valid access specifier while in interface public access specifier is only allowed.
4. Abstract class can contain methods with body while interface can contain only method signature.

For VB.NET abtract class is must inherit class.

Overriding static member in child class with C#.NET,VB.NET

Static member are accessible without creating the objects of the class so you don't need to create a object for that class.

Micorosft CLR does not permit the static methods to be override in child class. But off course you can hide the static method of parent method with new keyword in child class. Here is the example of that.

public class A
public static virtual void Test()
public class B : A
public new override static void Test()
Tuesday, October 9, 2007

How to insert a item in databound dropdownlist at nth position

Hello guys,

Sorry for not posting anything for long time. Actually i was busy about changing my job.

We have use the dropdownlist with millians of time some developer still does not know that how to insert the listitem at particular level.

Suppose your dropdownlist is having 5 items and it isbound with some datasource and you want to insert "--Select---" on the top of the order. You can do it easily with following code.

DropDownList1.Items.Insert(0, new ListItem("--Select---", "0"));

So "--Select--" will be added at the top of the dropdownlist box. You can add it at any index as you want via specifing index as first argument.

If you are using the 2.0 then it is having one property
AppendDataBoundItems set it to true and write directly a new list item in html code. It will work.

Happy Programing...

Friday, August 31, 2007

ADO.NET Entity Framework Beta 2 & the 1st Entity Framework Tools CTP Released

Microsoft has recently release ADO.NET Entity Framework Beta 2 and the accompanying Entity Framework Tools CTP have been released!

Following are the added features of latest release:

-Events to customize code generation
-Abstract types in EDM models
-Complex types
- support in metadata files
-Entity key serialization
-Increased persistence ignorance in entity data classes
-Improved connection management in ObjectContext
-Improved DataBinding usability
-Metadata annotations
-Better support for span over LINQ to Entities queries
-Improvements to LINQ queries: additional canonical functions and automatic mapping from CLR functions to server functions
-A new event for extensibility of SaveChanges
-Usability and consistency improvements
-Polymorphic results from stored procedures

You can download it form here:

For more details visit following team blog post:

Another link related to ADO.NET Entity framework is following:

To know what is entity framework. Please visit following link:

Friday, August 24, 2007

.NET Framework 3.0 Virtual Lab

Microsoft .NET 3.0 framework contain great features. Now we can test out via virtual labs. Microsoft have now announced the virtual lab for .net framework.

Ever wanted to test software in a sandbox environment? Wouldn't it be great to be able to test the new Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 technologies immediately, without dedicating one or more computers to the project? Now you can, with Microsoft Virtual Labs.

It's simple - no complex setup or installation is required to try out new features running in the Virtual Lab. You get a downloadable manual and a 90-minute block of time for each module. You can sign up for additional 90-minute blocks anytime. As part of the Virtual Lab, you'll have full access to Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 through the following modules:

Workflow Enabled Services and Other New Features in the .NET Framework 3.5
A Server Scenario Lab with Windows Communication Foundation
A Server Scenario Lab with Windows Workflow Foundation
Building Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation Applications Using Microsoft Visual Basic .NET
Creating Rich 2D and 3D Content with Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation
Getting Started with Windows Workflow Foundation
Reliable and Transacted Messaging with the Windows Communication Foundation
Core Features of Windows CardSpace
The Fundamentals of Programming the Windows Communication Foundation

For more details visit following link:
Tuesday, August 21, 2007

How to route events in a Windows Forms application

As a developer we often need to develop user controls in forms for the reusability. But some time we need to handle event of the user control. For example if you have user control with button we need to handle button click event in windows forms.

We can develop this type of functionality with the delegates. I have found a great articles that describes this things in very deep.

here is the link for that article...

Validation Application Block: Microsoft Enterprise Library 3.1

Recently Microsoft has launched the new version of the Microsoft Enterprise Library 3.1. One of the new things in this version of the enterprise library is validation application block.

The Validation Application Block will include a comprehensive library of common validation rules that apply to primitive data types. For example, we'll include rules like string length, numeric range, date range, regular expressions and so on.

I have found a great blog post the describes validation block here is the link for validation block:
Monday, August 6, 2007

.NET Framework and architecture

Microsoft .Net framework is component that is used to build web based and windows based application. As a developer, We all know how to build application using .net framework but we don't know underlying architecture of the .net framework.

I have found great article on wikipedia that describes all the underlying architecture. of the .net framework

here is the link:
Friday, August 3, 2007

Inernal Coding Standards by Brad Abrams

Brad Abrams is a founding member of Common Language run time and .net framework teams at Microsoft. He is one of the key member in .NET Framework Design and Development. He has written a blog post for coding standards which help us to improve our codding style and code readability. It is need by almost every developer.

Here is the link that contains the that blog post:
Friday, July 27, 2007

Ten Must-Have Tools Every .NET Developer Should Download Now

James Avery created a list of tools that every developer should download.

This list contains .....
Snippet Compiler
Building a Custom Template
Writing an NUnit Test
Lutz Roeder's .NET Reflector
NAnt in Action
Switch Tools

here is the link of article that descries the every tools in great details...

Ten Essential Tools - Visual Studio Add-Ins Every Developer Should Download Now

James Avery creates a list of ten add ins a visual studio developer must download.
This contains following add ins.

Smart Paster
VSWindowManager PowerToy
Cache Visualizer
Wrapping It Up

here is the article link for that...

Understanding .NET Framework Architecture.

Lots of developers developing the application using framework. But most the of developer don't know the underlying architecture.

I have found a great article about .net framework which describes every aspect of .net framework architecture including objective of .net framework, Overview of .net framework,
Roll of .net framework,.NET Assembly, .Net CLR(Common Language Run time),JIT Compiler,
Future of .net framework etc.

It is a great article. Every .net developer must read it.

here is the link for that article.


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