Saturday, February 23, 2013 551 blog posts and still counting!!

Today is one of the most important day for this blog as I am writing 551th blog post for this blog post. I can’t believe this..yeah this blog has completed 550 blog post.

People I like to thank:

First of all I like to thank my parents for whatever I am without them I could not even stand near where I am right now!!.  Then I would like to thank my wife without her support it would not have been possible to write this 551 blog post..So thank you sweetheart. My younger brother who has been moral support for me whenever I feel low or something was not working my way. My little champ who give me all energy that I have. Whole MVP community and friends where I learn so many things and off course readers of this blog. Without readers this blog is not there where it is right now!!

How I started blogging:

Actually  I was not serious about blogging I just show a blog with blogspot domain and for curiosity I have also registered a blog actually at that time I have registered it with my name like At that time I have no idea that what blog is. After registering blog for first month I have not done anything and one one day I just goggled my name and I found my blog listing over there even if I have not written anything. I feel excited and decided I should write some thing and that’s how I have started writing.

Earlier I was just writing blog posts to make a repository of my code whatever I have done in my professional life. But when I came Ahmedabad at that time I understand the true value of blog and then I started taking it very seriously and started writing blog post that can help others and me to learn new things.

Then I brought my own domain last year to create my own brand.

This blog is my journey of learning and I believe in this journey and continue to walk on it that’s why I have made title of this blog post still counting!!

Thank you readers:

On this occasion I like to again thank all the readers without them it would not have possible. Same way I would like to congratulate all the readers as this milestone belong to them.If you don’t have blog then please do read my blog post about Why we should write blogs and do community work and start blogging today. It will help you in your personal and professional life for sure.

That’s it. Hope you like it. Stay tuned for more..Happy programming!!!


  1. congratulations !!!! jalpesh vadgama .I except you will write more than 1000 blogs in soon .
    My heart fully wishes to you



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