Saturday, October 8, 2011

NuGet with multiple projects part-2

Before some days I have posted one post about how we can add NuGet package other than start project. In this post I am going to explain another way of doing that.

Earlier we have use ‘Manage NuGet Package’. Today I am going to use Package Manager Console for that. So let’s take same example which we have used in the earlier post. I have a sample application which have three projects.

MyApplication- Nuget with multiple projects.

As you can see in above post there are three projects.
  1. MyApplication-Main Web application project
  2. MyApplication.Business- This project has business logic classes for application
  3. MyApplication.Data- This project has database access layer classes for application
Now I want to add Entity Framework MyApplication.Data Project. As we have to use Package Manager Console. We need to open package manager console you have click Tools->Library Package Manager –>Package Manager Console. Once you click that it will open a console in visual studio like following


Now as I have to type following command in NuGet Package Manager Console to install EntityFramework Package to MyApplication.Data project

Get-Project MyApplication.Data | Install-Package EntityFramework

Here in above command Get-Project will get the project where we have to install the project and Install-Package will install the required package. As you can see entityframework reference added in MyApplication.Data Project in below image.


That’s it. Hope you like it. Stay tuned for more.. Till then Happy programming



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