Thursday, July 31, 2008

What is LINQ? LINQ Developer Resources

LINQ is Language Integrated query. It is a integral part of visual studio 2008 and Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5. It is object to database mapping technology thorough which you can query any type of collections of object,XML of database.


Recently I am goggling about the LINQ and I have found following great resources for developers:

LINQ Resources:

Linq for Oracle:


.NET 2.0 Or higher transaction model to use it with linq:


How to use transaction with linq:


Inside the linq datacontext site to better understanding of linq:


Linq to SQL(part 1 to 7 -Total Understanding of linq):


A good article about-LINQ to SQL : Using Transaction:


Using LINQ in ASP.NET (Part 1)- A Four part series from bipin joshi:


The Linq Project:


What is linq:


Scott gu's Multipart Series about linq:


Linq to xml:


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