Thursday, August 10, 2006

Starting Point of auto number fields in Microsoft Access

Auto Number Field handy things in Microsoft access.It will
automatically increase the filed value as records are
inserted. Developer don't have to care for it. By default
auto number field start with the zero but sometimes we
required to start auto number with rather than zero.

We can do it by creating the append query. Following
are the procedure for creating our own starting point
in the Microsoft access.

-First copy the auto number field table with another
table name.

-Now change the auto number field to the number field
in the newly created make sure that long integer is there.

-Now insert a record with starting point in newly created
table. For example you want to start with 300 then
insert with 300.

-Create a query from query designer of access
select all the field of newly created table.

-Go to the query menu select append query and into
destination table give original table name.

-Append it

- Delete newly created table.

That's it. You have created your own starting point.
now auto number starts with 300.

Happy Programming...


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