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How to deal with over smart people

Today, I am going write some thing not technical, As I feel I am doing that for quite a time I should write about it. In today’s competitive world people wants to show their skills to companies and how important they are but some people are becoming over smart people. They always eager to show their smartness and make themselves highlighted. They take credits for task they have not done etc. I personally don’t like this kind of people but sometimes we have to bare with this kind people. So in this blog post, I am going tell different way of dealing with over smart people.
First and foremost thing you can do is you can Ignore them. You don’t need to give attention what they are saying as you know they are acting over smart.This kind of people believes that they are smartest person on the earth. Don’t argue with that feeling otherwise you will not able to deal with this kind of people. Just ignore it and let it be. Complete your work with them and let them do what they want to do.Try wo…

Why continuous integration is your friend?

In this post we are going learn benefits of Continuous Integration in Software Developments. Let’s understand what is continuous integration first and then we will discuss about benefits we are having.

What is Continuous Integration in software development?
As per wikipedia “Continuous integration (CI) is the practice, in software engineering, of merging all developer working copies with a shared mainline several times a day. It was first named and proposed as part of extreme programming (XP). Its main aim is to prevent integration problems, referred to as "integration hell" in early descriptions of XP”.

In simple words, Continuous Integration means whenever any developer from the project team commit/checkin code at that time build will be created with the help of build servers and it will be automatically deployed to a specific location with the help of build server.

There are lots of open source and paid options are available for Continuous Integration like Team Foundation S…

Various way of finding duplicate rows in SQL Server

Recently One of the friend ask how we can find duplicate rows in SQL server so I said there are various way of finding duplicates and then I show him few ways of findings duplicate based on criteria. I thought it is a very basic question and still lots of people does not know how to find duplicate rows in SQL Server. So it is good idea to write blog post about it. In this blog post I’m going to explain the same various way of finding duplicates.

First all, We need a table to find duplicate rows. So following is a table for that.I have created Employee table with four fields.

CREATE TABLE [dbo].[Employee]( [Id] [int] NOT NULL, [FirstName] [nvarchar](50) NULL, [LastName] [nvarchar](50) NULL, [Designation] [nvarchar](50) NULL ) ON [PRIMARY]
Now once you create this “Employee” table now it’s time to write insert data. I have inserted following data.

Finding duplicate rows in SQL Server:Now let’s first write query to find duplicate rows in “Employee” table. Following is a qu…

Node.js tools for visual studio

In this post we are going to look how we can use node.js application in visual studio with node.js tools for visual studio.

What is Node.js?
As per wikipedia Node.js is a software plateform that is used to built scalable network(specially server side application). Node.js utilizes JavaScript as its scripting language and achieved high throughput via non blocking I/0 and single-threaded event loop.Node.js was created by Ryan Dhal in starting 2009.Its development and maintenance is sponsored by Joyent.

Why we should care about Node.js:
It uses JavaScript most popular language of the web. Fast. Powered by incredible V8 virtual machine. It makes JavaScript execution really fast. A Great feet for real-time web application. It’s scales very easily.
Node.js tools for visual studio:
You can download the Node.Js tools from the following link.

Here are some quick features of Node.Js tools.
NTVS support editing, intellisense, profiling, NPM, debugging locally and rem…

Year 2014 resolutions

First of all, Happy new year to all of you!!.  May your all your wishes come true this year.This time I am making resolutions public so I am accountable to my readers. Here are resolutions for year 2014.
Should be more active in communities. Since last 3 months I was busy with professional commitments and lot of things happening with life. Now all things are going to be settle down in January month of this year so now I will be more active on communities.Loose weight. I have already started loosing weight via controlling my diet and this year I am planning to loose at least 15 kgs.Write three blog post at least a week. Learn my self new technologies like Node.js and Python. This four resolution I want to try to achieve lets see how it goes. I will update how I am doing with my resolution each quarter.

Once again happy new year 2014 to all of you!!. Stay tuned for more..