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One Million page views for my blog–

I have putted blogger statistics from its announcement(July 2010).  Today my statistics are showing that I have completed One million page views from July 2010. I feel honoured I have never assumed my blog will come this way. Earlier I had started this blog just for fun and to reserve my name with blogger subdomain. I was not aware that what is blogging and why we should do it. After some time almost after one year I realized the power of blog then and this 9th year I am continuously doing that. This is a great achievement and I feel honoured and awesome.

On this occasion I would like to thanks my blog readers and viewers. Without their support and love this was not possible. I promise that I will continue to write blog and give back to community in every possible way. Thank you all from bottom of my heart.
I also like to thanks family because without their support it would not have been possible. My father and brother for encouraging me whatever I’m doing. My wife for scarifying her import time and not disturbing me whenever I’m writing blog. My little champ who also want to be like his daddy and I’m a very proud father. Mummy wherever you are you showed me a way of living life. I’m missing you on this occasion.
Thank you all, All the mentors who inspired me for writing blog. I would also like to thank Ahmedabad User Group for letting me part of it. Specially Mahesh Dhola, Pranjal Nigam and Kaushal Bhavshar for supporting me.

Statistics from

I occasionally provide statistics of my blog and this is a special moment so I’m sharing my statistics. Here are my page views confirmed by blogger in built statistics tool.


Top 10 post all the time:


Referring URL and referring sites:


Pageviews by all countries:


Page view by browsers:


Page view by operating system:


Again thank you very much readers,viewers,mentors, family and well-wishers. I will continue to write blog. Stay tuned for more.


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