Launching DotNetJalps Communities

Everyday I got lots of emails asking about technical things and Every time I am trying to give proper answer to them. But due to lack of time it was always not possible to reply all the emails as I have professional commitments also. So that’s why I decided to launch DotNetJalps community where people can ask questions and If I am not there then also another people can answer the question. Another benefit of communities will be the solution given in that particular answer will be visible to all the users of community.
So I have created Google+ community for that. Following is a link for that.

I request to ask your questions there instead of sending me emails and I would also encourage you participate in discussion. I am also going to share all my blog post there. You guys can also share your links and discuss various technology related things.

But please make sure there should technology related things only. So please join my community ask question and give answer to people.

Stay tuned for more!!


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