Visual Studio 2013 : Peek Definition a new feature

In this blog post We are going to look into the a new Visual Studio 2013 feature called Peek Definition another way of Go to definition.

This post will be part of Visual Studio 2013 feature series

Peek Definition in Visual Studio 2013:

In the earlier version of Visual Studio, When we need to see the definition of method then we can to right click that method and then click on Go To Definition(F12) and then code will be navigate to that method.


Once you click on Go To Definition It will navigate to that method.


Now in Visual Studio you have one more feature called Peek Definition(Alt + F12).


Once you click on peek definition, It will open a small window and show the definition and code for that method.


It’s a nice way to see the code of particular method without moving to another .cs file. Another benefit is that it is a recursive like Go To Definition you can navigate to deeper and deeper without moving to another file.

That’s it. Hope you like it. Stay tuned for more..


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