Telerik JustCode review

Visual Studio is a great IDE and  allow developers to design and code anything from windows application to web application. But it does not have a much code refactoring features so You need to have third party add in to make this happen. Telerik JustCode is one of them.

Recently I was contacted by Telerik team to review Telerik JustCode. So I installed Telerik Just code in my machine and I have used it for few days and Here is the my first impressions.

Things that I like about Telerik JustCode:

  1. It does not have impact on the Visual Studio load time.
  2. It does not change any theme or UI for the Visual Studio.
  3. Performance is much better then it’s competitors. It does not slow down visual studio while you were using it.
  4. Its not overwriting all things in Visual Studio like visual studio shortcuts.
  5. Another things its competitively priced then its competitors.
  6. Cloud Sync of your settings so you don’t have to worry about loosing your settings.
  7. Almost got all the features of code refactoring and code creation which are available with tools.
  8. Does not have annoying popups for suggestions or code refactoring.

Things that I don’t like about Telerik JustCode:

  1. Does not give hint for if-else to convert into ternary operator.
  2. Does not provided hint to convert for loop and other expression to LINQ Expressions.
  3. It does not put closing bracket when we only write opening bracket.
  4. It does not convert hints into the warnings.
This is my first initial impressions with Telerik just code. I will write more about it in future posts.

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