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Func Delegate in C#

We already know about delegates in C# and I have previously posted about basics of delegates in C#. Following are posts about basic of delegates I have written.

Delegates in C#
Multicast Delegates in C#

In this post we are going to learn about Func Delegates in C#. As per MSDN following is a definition.

“Encapsulates a method that has one parameter and returns a value of the type specified by the TResult parameter.”
Func can handle multiple arguments. The Func delegates is parameterized type. It takes any valid C# type as parameter and you have can multiple parameters as well you have to specify the return type as last parameters.

Followings are some examples of parameters.
Func<int T,out TResult>
Func<int T,int T, out Tresult>

Now let’s take a string concatenation example for that. I am going to create two func delegate which will going to concate two strings and three string. Following is a code for that.

using System; using System.Collections.Generic; namespace FuncExample {…

What is Inversion of control and why we need it?

Most of programmer need inversion of control pattern in today’s complex real time application world. So I have decided to write a blog post about it. This blog post will explain what is Inversion of control and why we need it. We are going to take a real world example so it would be better to understand.

The problem- Why we need inversion of control?
Before giving definition of Inversion of control let’s take a simple real word example to see why we need inversion of control. Please have look on the following code.

public class class1 { private class2 _class2; public class1() { _class2=new class2(); } } public class class2 { //Some implementation of class2 }
I have two classes “Class1” and “Class2”.  If you see the code in that I have created a instance of class2 class in the class1 class constructor. So the “class1” class is dependent on “class2”. I think that is the biggest issue in real world scenario as if we change the “class2” class then we might need …

IUnlockJoy I build amazing Windows Phone Apps event –11th August rocks!!

Last Saturday ,11th August Microsoft and Ahemdabad .NET user group has organized the IUnlockJoy I build amazing Windows Phone Apps  event. It was first in india as IUnlockJoy campaign was just launched by Microsoft before 3 days. It was superb and well organized thanks to Dhola Mahesh, Prabjhot Baxi,Kaushal Bhavasar and Pranjal Nigam.

It was a great event with almost 100+ people during holiday. Event was started by a keynote speaker Mahesh Dhola. He introduced IUnlockJoy- I build amazing Windows Phone Apps campaign and some of benefits of it.

After his session Prabjhot singh Baxi has taken a session about how you can get best out of windows phone. He has describe all the process from opening a developer account to publish an app to market place. The session was full of information and I really enjoyed it.