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Why we should write blogs and do community work

I am doing blogging since last 5 years and I have seen lots of people asking the same things. Why do you write blog? do you have any side income for this blog? Why you are so active in community ? I am answering this questions almost every day. So I decided to write a blog post about it. Following are the reason why I am writing blogs and doing community work?


I like to help people and that is one of the main reason behind the all blogs and community work. Also helping other is a great way to learn new things. Because other person may be facing a problem which you never encountered during your professional life or project you are doing!!. At the end of you can feel proud that you help somebody.


I have to learn lots of things everyday to write my blogs. Some one said Teaching some one is best way to learn new things. It apply here also when you write blog or answer question on forum.

Earn Award and Get famous:

This is one of the advantages of writing blogs and doing community things. People will know that you are having such knowledge in respected fields. I have got Microsoft Most Valuable Professional award 3 times due to my blogging and community work. But remember one thing your first intension of doing communication work is to help people. All other things will come as other benefits.

Communication skills:

Once you communicate with lots of people and write blog it will definitely increase your communication skills. If you are writing some blogs then its going to increase your writing skills also.

Career Graph:

You blog is your online resume. Suppose you are going to give interview for a post and in resume you got your URL. So from that URL they can estimate your capabilities and you don’t have to prove anything as you already have that in your blog. It will definitely increase your career graph.

Repository of technical things:

You can use your blog or your answer as repository of your technical things. So In future if you need some help then you can find that in your blog.

Earn Money:

This is a technical blog so my intension is not make money but lots of people are getting benefited via putting advertisement in particular blog. So this can be a great medium of earning money.

Enjoy sharing :

If you have worked hard and found something new or you have done something new. Why not share it and save some one time who is having same problem?

That’s it. hope you liked it. Stay tuned for more!!!.

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  1. Great post! I am driven more by "why not". i.e why not blog?

  2. paras_doshi - thanks buddy. Yes, we all should have this kind of things.

  3. Good one. By participating actively in ASP.NET forums I have enhanced my knowledge and writing blog articles for last 3years in my 6yrs career at

    Another aspect is 'Being a human being we forget things as time passes, blogging can be great repository to get back and share knowledge actively'

    sukumar raju

  4. Nice post Jalpesh... Inspiring... I must reload my blog writing as well :-)

  5. I am inspired to my own blog with my own domain after reading your this blog

  6. @a7f644fce850c88bcf6c8712bc833e5d:disqus thanks for sweet words. What's your url for blog?

  7. Thanks Hussain. Yes, blogging has lots advantages

  8. Send URL of your blog!!. I would love to see that!!

  9. Hi..jalpesh..
    Your works are really great .i never miss to visit your blog..
    Every time i visit i have something learn newly from your blog.
    with your inspiration i had developed my own my site..please visit if you have spare your comments...

  10. @vijay_myl:disqus - Your site is nice but you have putted lots of advertisement to read I need to close few popups and other stuff and that is not good. So remove unnecessary advertisement


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