Color indication in Visual Studio 2012

Note: This post will be a part of Visual Studio 2012 series.
Before some days Microsoft has released the release candidate version of Visual Studio 2012. Today I got installed Visual Studio 2012 and once I loaded the visual studio 2012 first things I noticed that there is purple color blank strip is there at bottom. After doing some R and D on internet I have found that it is used for the different indication. The purple color indicates that there is no project loaded now.

Color Indication in visual studio 2012 Purple color for no project

Once you open the project this line will be of blue color like below.

Blue color for project loading in visual studio 2012 color indication feature in visual studio 2012

Once you run and F5 and debug it, the color will change to orange like below
Orange color in Visual Studio 2012 Indicator indicate that it is in debug mode.

Isn’t that great? A simple color indicator for each mode in visual studio 2012. Stay tuned for the more. I am going to put some more post about Visual Studio 2012. Till then happy programing...


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